‘Law & Order: SVU’ 24×05 Review: “Breakwater”

Law & Order: SVU 24x05 Mariska Hargitay as Captain Olivia Benson -- (Photo by: Zach Dilgard/NBC)
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  1. Kavs says:

    I enjoyed the episode. The streak of good episodes continues for SVU this season! This season has been fun. I am really enjoying SVU this year.
    Any resolution of the Captain’s relationships will be the icing on this cake.

    1. Shana says:

      I’m definitely enjoying this season, but I’m like, I definitely need more of the Captain. My favorite episode so far has been the second one because it had so many different layers/versions of her. What I need going forward is to expand on that. Just about everything we saw there is “known” and has been seen out of her before (even if it’s been a while with a lot of it). I want whatever comes next. Like, NOW.

  2. Alli Anne says:

    So. I’ve been thinking about this all way too much. But. I was wanting more from this episode—more Bensler. We’ve waited enough. It’s time. It’s been about nine months in the Law and Order SVU/OC universe since the end of Season 23. In this episode, we see Benson a handful of times, the first when she asks Fin and Rollins to take the new case and she rushes off, no explanation given. Perhaps she’s trying to make it in time for dinner reservations with Stabler? I feel that Benson would have most certainly followed her therapist’s advice and had a talk with Stabler—because it’s been nine months. And Stabler would be receptive to a conversation. He has been doing some good emotional work, as demonstrated in Stabler’s honest and heartfelt emotion toward his CI (although that relationship did make me angry because it felt forced (although he’d been working with the CI for months, we didn’t see it) and he never showed this love/commitment to his own son who tragically and traumatically lost his mother due to a car bomb!). All this said, Stabler grew emotionally in those six months. And knowing our characters, Bensler would have talked by now. Honestly, I was expecting them not only to have talked, but to be together by now, even thinking that in this episode we might get a phone call of, “Heading out now. See you soon.”

    There’s more evidence of Bensler forging ahead in their relationship in Organized Crime’s Season 3 episode 5 when Rollins and Stabler talk with such ease. Rollins was pissed at Stabler ever since he came back, and she certainly doesn’t trust him. I was hoping to get a reprisal of her scene with Cassidy when she chews him out for putting Benson in the line of fire by hiding in her apartment, except this time giving Stabler a piece of her mind for not only his ghosting of Liv, but his absence when Benson survived the trauma of William Lewis, of Noah being kidnapped by his maternal grandmother, and the list goes on. But instead of such a confrontation, Rollins and Stabler are at ease with each other, as if they mended fences—and became friends—because they both love Benson. There’s a wrench thrown into this theory: Stabler asks how “the Captain” is doing. I’m desperate, I know (but they have to be together. There is no other way). Did he ask because he left her that morning and she was tense; perhaps she is dealing with trauma from SVU Season 24 episode 4 and the similarities to how she felt when imprisoned and tortured by Lewis? Thus, Stabler wants to know how she is faring at work. Or, another theory: maybe Benson and Stabler are keeping their romantic relationship hidden, so by asking after “the Captain” Stabler is protecting that secrecy. Although that does not explain Rollins and Stabler’s chumminess.

    I envision Bensler’s relationship offscreen more than on. Phone calls, voicemails, post-it notes. Maybe we see them in bed together for 30 seconds, and Benson wakes from a trauma-induced dream. Stabler wakes up next to her, helps her ground herself, says he’s there for her. Us shippers don’t need anything big. We will take the small and intimate moments. But let them both be happy. They’ve loved each other for so long.

    1. Shana says:

      I’m not even sure if this episode, specifically, has to be the one. There’s just far too much leaving viewers to fill in the gaps (I talked about this re: Rollins a lot in the OC 3×05 review), which I think does everyone involved a disservice. Viewers assume X, Y, and Z based on Benson running off with no explanation, or based on Stabler and Rollins suddenly — magically! — being on good terms…And then, when something plot-wise actually happens down the line that’s against those assumptions, people get upset. Because they’ve/we’ve been forced to make up our own story so much, and then even that isn’t right…and on and on it goes.

      I definitely agree that most of it will be off-screen when (if???) anything ever happens for EO, and I’m probably much more fine with that than I should be after all these years.

      But yeah, no definitive movement after roughly nine months in the universe just…doesn’t make sense.

  3. Alli Anne says:

    “There’s just far too much leaving viewers to fill in the gaps (I talked about this re: Rollins a lot in the OC 3×05 review), which I think does everyone involved a disservice.” Yes, definitely.

    “But yeah, no definitive movement after roughly nine months in the universe just…doesn’t make sense.” Agreed!

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