‘Law & Order’ 22×01 Review: “Gimme Shelter – Part Three”

Law & Order 22x01 "Gimme Shelter - Part Three" Hugh Dancy as ADA Nolan Price Christopher Meloni as Detective Elliot Stabler
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  1. @naturalnailsseattle says:

    This might be insignificant & it’s also possible I missed something, but at the end Olivia & Nichole are having a nice moment in the park. It was good see Olivia with a legit smile, even though you could feel she was still concerned. But, isn Nichole supposed to be in Canada?????

    Did she just leave the country she’s settling into for a quick visit with the cop who helped her out? (She spent as much time with Amanda, you’d think she’d want to hit the hospital while in town) OR was Olivia lying about Nichole’s placement? Was she hanging out with Noah while the D.A. debates an extradition request?

    I don’t think she’s someone who needs to make up something to keep Nichole from having to take the stand. She’s enough of a wall around the girl once she said no. But, it might have been easier than being hounded. It just doesn’t seem like her (unless Nichole’s life was at risk).

    So, am I making too much of it? Did I miss a comment about her coming back? What were Nichole & Olivia doing strolling casually together in the park?

    If Canada were a lie, is Nichole still looking for a home? Is Olivia looking to take in another kid? I think that’s probably going too far but I really hate it when I have a question about something relatively small because I know it’s not likely to be brought up again. But, Liv really could use the help of a teenage girl at home & would certainly be optimal for Nichole.

    Imagine what she’s been through. No sense of stability since the death of her mother. The abuse she experienced & everything she would have witnessed (far beyond the scope of the storyline). She needs to be placed somewhere not only stable but with someone who knows & understands what she’s been through, who can provide appropriate resources & counseling, who she won’t have to explain everything to. Olivia would be the perfect foster parent for a trafficking victim…

    I agree with everything you wrote.
    I actually had a physical response to Amanda being shot. I think it would be cruel to kill her. To her girls, to Olivia, to Carisi & to the audience. Getting shot is certainly a reason to step away from the job.

    If she’s leaving, I would love for the bullet to have done permanent damage. I’m disabled & we need more representation. If Amanda were to leave & do a guest appearance later, in a wheelchair for example, I’d be interested to see how she’s adjusted. People who are shot like she was can have all sorts of issues later. Maybe she loses the badge because of a kidney no longer functioning. I’d like it to be something real, that actually shooting victims experience. And, I want her to visit from time to time & show that, with some pain & struggle, people with disabilities can have full, happy lives. They just can’t do certain jobs.

    My main complaint though, is the loss of Andrew Yackel’s Vince who would have been a very welcome addition as a recurring character on L&OOC.

    1. Shana says:

      A lot of comments I’ve seen on twitter seem to think Olivia lied about Nicole’s whereabouts to protect her. I’m weirdly fine with that, seeing as how everyone from McCoy to Price annoyed me with how they handled this, but I usually can’t stand lying and wouldn’t typically be proud of a comfort character lying at all.

      For Amanda, I’d love to see disability rep. if done RIGHT. In my experience, I’ve seen a lot of shows “represent” disabilities in weird ableist ways, but I like your suggestion and will obviously defer to someone with first-hand experience on this any day anyway. Having the shooting occur on what wasn’t even supposed to be “SVU” of the three episodes, though, is so disgusting and disrespectful. Sure, everyone was warned — multiple times — that they had to see all three hours. Doesn’t mean people were going to do that. So much yikes.

      I also agree about Vince! He would’ve been a great permanent fixture on OC. The fact that they made us care about him so quickly is a true testament to both Yackel and Meloni…but for WHAT if he was just going to be gone right away.

  2. Andrew Altman says:

    I really enjoyed that review. I like the way you write.

    1. Shana says:

      Thanks. We try!

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