‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×12 Review: “I Can Let You Go”

CHICAGO P.D. -- "I Can Let You Go" Episode 1012 -- Pictured: Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton -- (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)
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  1. Rich says:

    I share in your frustrations. To me, Season 9 was a great season. This one has been disappointing to say the least. I never wanted to see Sean again. It seems like they are doing a watered down version of Greg Yates and this is a case where the copy (Sean) is no where near as good as the original (Yates). I hope that this is the last we see of Sean, but I fear that it won’t be.

    I am not someone who watches for the ships, but I really liked Upstead and what they have done here is terrible. They have taken everything that we have liked about Jay and destroyed it. The way they have him treating Hailey is contrary to everything we saw in the first nine seasons. I know he is off the series, but having him communicate with Hailey and seeing her side of the conversation would be better than this. They could have had him appear in 1 episode early in season 11 and he could have a job in the army or back as a cop in another unit in Chicago. That would be better than this. Chicago Fire proves you can have an off screen marriage as Donna has not appeared since season 9. I would have preferred that Jay sacrificed himself to save the unit and his wife instead of this. If they kill him off in Bolivia, I’d consider it a complete waste.

  2. Annie says:

    I used to like the show! But lately storylines aren’t any good or dragged out to what avail? I end up turning it off lately! The cast is Great! But you need something to keep our interest??

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Still love this show! Best cast ever. I agree the way they wrote out Halstead was embarrassingly bad. No respect for the character or the actor. But Tracy S carries the pain so well. Great actress. This show has great writers an we look forward to every story every week. Also, I will agree to disagree. Voight is a rockstar.

  4. Jaclyn Marr says:

    100% agree. i can’t even watch it anymore

  5. Mary says:

    You are right about “trauma porn”! They need to get back to what they do best- the relationships between the cops. Hate Sean, adds nothing. Furious about the treatment of Jay. Used to be my favorite show. Sigh……….

  6. Rhonda Miller says:

    Totally agree with this view and the other comments. Sean is the creepiest character that has been on this show! Close out Upstead in a way that makes sense or even better… bring back Jay!

  7. Cathy says:

    I disagree about watching it solely for the ‘ships. I like the gritty stories. These stories are what keep me riveted to the television during this hour every week. I can’t stand Upstead. Never liked Upton so I can do without episodes focused on her & her drama/trauma. I don’t care if it makes sense. It’s television. I know real police don’t operate like this.

  8. JazzCAT64 says:

    Wow. Someone who understands why Blue-bloods for example is one of the best shows on TV. Character, not these depressing stories every week. Chicago PD and Blue-Bloods was 1 and 2 for me depending on the week several seasons ago for Chicago PD but this is the worst and I come back this past week after skipping since Halstead left the show. The show is lost and basically gone and if Chicago Med roles the other Halstead off I would be done would that also. I’m sorry but every show must have a base to tell the stories and this one is gone. Fire is barely hanging on after Casey left. If you bring in solid replacements and depart properly it could work I guess but the writers have really gotten lazy the last few years and unfortunately you can’t let stars who make the show like Jesse Spenser. Mr.Wolf does this to my FBI shows I will be done with TV.

  9. Karin says:

    I have watched Chicago PD since the beginning, truly love the characters in the roles they play. Yes it’s not good the Jay does not communicate with Halley, He left to fight a war with his unit, having time to talk on the phone could be difficult. I believe Jay will be back he was to be gone fore 5 mths. It’s still one of the best shows on TV, I watch the old ones on ION TV.

  10. Bobbye says:

    I haven’t watched Chicsgo PD for a few weeks now. Voight is annoying and the show just bores me. I really like the other Chicago shows, but change stations when PD com3s on.

  11. Carole says:

    This last episode with Hailey and Sean made no sense in the grand scheme of things. The whole thing with Jay leaving the way he did was a guy punch. I’m sure the writers could have come up with another scenario for his exit since they knew ahead of time.as far as I’m concerned I don’t understand why they don’t integrate more humanity into the characters and ease up on the darkness.

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