‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 14×14 Review: “Shame”

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  1. Wish Callen would’ve mentioned Hetty, since he is after all putting this wedding off until he finds her and brings her home.

  2. Former fan says:

    The Callanna scene was stupid and nothing like them. I’ve lost interest in this show, not because of its “progressive” messaging, but because of the lack of attention to Callen. I’m not a huge Densi fan, so there’s little reason for me to keep watching the show since the main team is split up and Callen is pretty much invisible except for a few minutes here and there and we never see Anna. The show used to be about the team which we don’t see enough of anymore together, and Callen and Anna who we never see. The first season they had Dom (replaced by a white guy), and they had Mosley (replaced by another white guy).

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