In an unusual pattern, from the premiere of Peter Pan in 1953 through the 1980s, Disney animation primarily centered mainly around boys and/or male animals – One Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, The Great Mouse Detective, and Oliver and Company being a handful of the mostRead More →

The Evil Queen

The evolution in the portrayal of “selfish” female Disney characters is a worthy case study for how the feminist movement has progressed over the seventy-five years from Snow White to Frozen; the operative definition of selfish from Merriam-Webster being, “concerned excessively or exclusively for oneself.” Each “selfish” female character embodiesRead More →

Lucifer Season 5

It’s coming up to a year since Lucifer marked its transition from network television to Netflix with its fourth season. Now, fans are once again eagerly awaiting the announcement for the premiere date of the first half of the fifth and “final” season that should be coming any day now.Read More →

Last weekend, the second season of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag sweeped at the Emmys, stealing the crown from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The first season of Fleabag, which premiered in 2016, garnered no such awards attention, however, which would imply that the second season is far superior to the first. IRead More →

It’s been a while since the last Buffy comic issue, during which a few changes occurred… The Art This issue marked the transition from Dan Mora as series illustrator to David Lopez. The difference is startling, disappointing, and disorienting. Whereas in Mora’s issues each of the characters’ likenesses were apparent,Read More →

In any rebooted property, there comes an inevitable point where the story has to take a giant swing to differentiate itself from the original. And man, did the Boom!Studios Buffy comics take a swing. Unlike the last three issues, it’s pretty much impossible to break this one up into segmentsRead More →

The mark of any good entertainment property is how quickly they can bounce back from a subpar installment. Boom! Studios’ run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer proved themselves worthy this week with their third issue follow-up from a disappointing second. Buffy and Giles Buffy and Giles have had a roughRead More →

This week, Boom! Studio’s rebooted Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics continued, introducing characters both familiar and new. The problem is that this week’s issue spends so much time introducing characters that there is little time for plot advancement. Unlike the premiere issue, there was no great twist that left theRead More →

I’m a little late with this, as I was catching up for and then catching my breath from Christmas. I hope everyone had a beautiful and loving holiday, whatever and however you celebrated. Now we’re all relaxed and ready to go to review the second half of this season ofRead More →

Somehow, even-perhaps especially- in this age of streaming where there are little to no commercial obligations, every single series still suffers from the “bloating” phenomenon. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is no exception, as “The Punishment Room” proves. Luckily, “We’re Going to the Catskills!” follows immediately after to remind the audienceRead More →

In the time between the pilot of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel premiering on Amazon Prime and the rest of the season dropping eight months later, there was a lot of discussion about how this new series would rank in the Amy Sherman-Palladino universe. Emotional walls had been built following theRead More →

Nearly a year ago, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, in partnership with Amazon Prime, dropped the full first season of her latest series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Following the disappointment that the revival of her flagship show caused her die-hard fans the previous year, and the ambivalence evoked by herRead More →