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What We Want from ‘Lucifer’ Season 5

It’s coming up to a year since Lucifer marked its transition from network television to Netflix with its fourth season. Now, fans are once again eagerly awaiting the announcement for the premiere date of the first half of the fifth and “final” season that should be coming any day now. In the meantime, here is a list of what we hope will be included in Lucifer season 5.

Lucifer’s Regression

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After being in Hell for Dad knows how long – it is a truth universally acknowledged amongst genre television series that time passes differently in Hell than it does on Earth – it’s only natural that Lucifer would regress back towards resembling the Lucifer we were first introduced to in season one.

Don’t expect the soft and cuddly Devil we’ve come to know and love. He’s going back to an environment where he is unable to be vulnerable, unable to be much more than the monster we know he fears himself to be at his core. He’s made progress to help combat that, but I expect a very interesting dynamic with Linda when he returns.

Linda is going to be sleep-deprived and distracted by an infant, so she’ll likely be much less patient with Lucifer ’s bullshit than she has been in the past. That might be for the best in the long run, but it’ll also cause some immediate problems.

Dan and Lucifer Make Peace

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I can’t be the only one who’s tired of the feud between these two right? Dan’s blaming of Lucifer for Charlotte’s death is irrational while simultaneously being tragically understandable, but regardless it’s time for these two to get back to the place they were in seasons two and three.

I want to see “You stole my pudding and kinda ruined my marriage but deep down I respect you” Dan and Lucifer. I want to see “I’m with you, dude, that guy Pierce is the worst, what is Chloe thinking?” Dan and Lucifer. I’m hoping that once Dan inevitably learns the truth about celestial beings, he will finally put his grudge aside and go back to the bromance. Which leads me to…

The Truth Will Set You Free

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Dan, Trixie, and Ella are the only three left who we haven’t seen officially learn the truth about Lucifer’s identity. Trixie, I’m convinced, has known for quite some time. She’s a smart, observant, innocent child who has lived with Maze and has had a special bond with Lucifer for years now. I can’t wait to see a scene confirming that she’s known that Lucifer is the Devil all along and for the adults in her life to be left aghast.

Dan and Ella, meanwhile, are two whole other cans of worms each with their own unique baggage (excuse the mixed metaphors). Dan, as I’ve discussed above, will finally find closure over Charlotte’s death from his imminent epiphany. Ella, much more interestingly to me, will have her faith affirmed once and for all. What does that look like? What will happen when Ella learns all the details the Bible got wrong? I suspect Ella will be getting pissed at quite a few celestial beings on her BFF Lucifer’s behalf, including God himself.

Come to God Moment

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As I’ve hinted at in the “Lucifer’s Regression” section above, Lucifer shares some common DNA with Supernatural. This is not a coincidence-Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has said that he took inspiration from Neil Gaiman’s works while creating his own series. In addition to their depictions of Hell as a realm out of linear time as we know it, they also share an inclusion of God as a complex character in his own right. In the case of Lucifer, God has been an absent presence thus far, his ethics and rationale only told to us second-hand, usually from the biased mouthpiece that is Lucifer .

I predict that Lucifer’s God will be the inverse of Supernatural’s God in that, unlike Supernatural’s God, who we believed to be largely good but ended up as our heroes’ antagonist, Lucifer’s God, who has been painted as our hero’s antagonist from the beginning, will actually end up being good. We will learn that the events surrounding Lucifer’s fall and everything that Lucifer has blamed God for since, is actually much more complicated than Lucifer, the Goddess, or we ever knew.

Eve’s Return

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Last we saw Eve, she was letting Maze down gently, telling her that while there was undeniably a spark between them, Eve needed time to discover herself outside of a sexual/romantic partner. We love a girl who sets healthy boundaries, but I hope we actually get to see that journey of her character as opposed to having her undergo it off screen then returning when we’re ready for Maze to have a girlfriend.

Eve so easily could have been unlikable when she was introduced last season largely to be a roadblock for Deckerstar, but instead, thanks to Inbar Lavi’s enchanting performance, she was delightful. She deserves the focus to her character that would be granted to any other member of the ensemble cast.

Maze’s Origin Story

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We’ve known Maze for four seasons now. We’ve seen the evolution of her loyalty to Lucifer, but what we haven’t been shown is how that loyalty came to be. Just how old is Maze? Was she around when Lucifer was first sent to Hell? What made her stand out from all the other demons? Was she initially as obedient towards Lucifer as the other demons seem to be, but became more willful as they became comfortable around each other?

What were her thoughts and feelings when Lucifer first told her he was leaving Hell for L.A.? Was it her idea to accompany him, or did Lucifer insist? These are all questions that should be answered this season in the Maze-centric episode we already know is coming.

Quintessential Deckerstar

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Deckerstar is one of the few ships left on television that has successfully depicted a slow burn. The writers have tiptoed the tightrope walk of putting roadblocks in the way of their culmination, while also making it clear that Lucifer and Chloe would always be each other’s priority. This season is the victory lap for Deckerstar fans for sticking it out all this time.

We will see Chloe fight to bring Lucifer back from Hell, the inevitable angst from Lucifer’s regression, the aftermath of their I love you, their first time having sex, Chloe’s reaction to learning she is a God-planned miracle child, and the resolution to Lucifer’s concern that Chloe’s incapable of choosing him of her own free will.

I can’t wait.

Lucifer season five will be released as a pair of eight episodes each. The first half is coming soon on Netflix.

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