I know I said this before, but I promise, the Timeless Banner is flying once again! Because whoever heard about giving up? Not clockblockers, that’s for sure. And this time, we’ve even got the route for you. Beachgoers will be treated to the campaign’s banners in flight Saturday, September 15, fromRead More →

Thanks to the continued efforts of Clockblockers all over the world, Timeless is coming back! The news broke out today that NBC has decided to bring back Timeless for a two-hour movie. The finale is meant to wrap up the Timeless story and most importantly, save Rufus! Filming for theRead More →

San Diego Comic Con is in the books, and as we look back on it’s 2018 edition, I have to categorically say the highlight for us was …well, the #SaveTimeless movement. Even if, due to busy schedules and the general madness that is SDCC in general, sometimes, the only partRead More →

Timeless seems like the little show that could. Cancelled? Wait …not, it’s back. Cancelled again? Well, fans are certainly not giving up on the possibility of getting some sort of closure for their favorite show. And they’re taking to the skies in San Diego to prove it. You all probablyRead More →

It’s been a devastating last 24 hours for us clockblockers. But we’re still here. We’re still standing. We love this show, and we’re ready to fight for it. So what happens now? What do you do? How do you fight? Well, first, you take a break. Grieve. You love thisRead More →

I would just like to say, from the bottom of my heart: Fuck you, NBC. Fuck you. Timeless aired its Season Finale on May 13, more than a month ago. If this was always what was going to happen, if the numbers were never going to add up, why in the worldRead More →

Look, it’s been 84 years since the Timeless finale and we still have no news about renewal. We’re way past ansty, and we’re now at the eat everything in sight stage. The writers have been kind enough to try to keep us engaged (and happy) by providing us with deletedRead More →