Everyone has an opinion about the Divergent series – but we have to say that we loved the series. Yes, that even means Allegiant – which is why we are happy that it is available on Digital HD now. Sure, we’re going to want to bring the Blu-Ray home, butRead More →


B-Roll footage from Allegiant has been released by Jaguar Film International Distribution. We’re always excited to see behind the scenes. It’s always interesting to be on set and to see the hurry up and wait of film. We’re excited to see what happens in the film. Allegiant hits theaters MarchRead More →

Our mind is on one thing this month – Allegiant. We welcome anything that is Theo James. This week Lionsgate offered up a new clip from the film, which hits theaters March 18th. In the clip Tris, Four, Christina, Peter, and Caleb are climbing the wall to the outside world,Read More →

Happy Valentines Day to us! Lionsgate sure knows how to treat us all right as they have released a new trailer for the third installment in The Divergent Saga – Allegiant. It’s entitled, “Different.” The movie’s official synopsis reads,”The third installment of the blockbuster Divergent series franchise, ALLEGIANT takes TrisRead More →

Today, Theo James and Shailene Woodley talked all about Allegiant on the Divergent Twitter. We haven’t have a chance to watch their answers – but we know that we’re excited to. We figured we’d gather them all here for you! Can’t wait for Allegiant! .@__fya__ #AskAllegiant pic.twitter.com/YrPJx4QiiR — Allegiant (@Divergent)Read More →

Talk about all the feels! Not only are we seeing Four in the shower (we applaud you Lionsgate, we applaud you), but we’re seeing Tris experiencing all of the emotions. The end of this – when he screams out “Tris” – all the feelings people. ALL THE FEELINGS! #FourTris isRead More →