I love books.  Seriously, if I could get paid to just sit and read all day, I would take that. What I love even more is getting the chance to meet the authors behind all the books I love. That’s what book signings are for. I have been attending bookRead More →


The equivalent to Oscar season has arrived for Wattpad writers, and in a big way. The Wattys showcase the best and brightest stories of the forum, the title of Wattys winner a coveted one within the writing world. To have that badge on your story cover is something many striveRead More →

The third edition of the summer Wattpad Block Party is less than a week away. That’s right, less than one week! On August 1, everything kicks off with a bang, and continues every day through the whole month, bringing you variety, humor, chills and free swag. You will get postsRead More →

The Wattpad Block Party kicks off August 1, and Wattpaders from far and wide are waiting with baited breath. The block party brings together writers of every genre and followership for a month long extravaganza of special features, chapters, give aways and more. Wattpad, the online writing forum which launchedRead More →

It is officially July, and while we are finally enjoying the throws of summer, sun and warmth, it also means that the Wattpad Block Party is on its way! *insert squee*. Kicking off August 1 and carrying throughout the month, Wattpad sensation Kelly Anne Blount brings together Wattpaders from allRead More →

Its that time of year again! The time when the best and brightest get together with the most awesome of the newcomers for the Wattpad Block Party! And we are squeeing with excitement! Hosted by the incomparable Kelly Anne Blount (USA Bestselling Author), the Block Party takes over the monthRead More →

It is a well known fact that there is endless talent on Wattpad. USA Today bestsellers, NYT bestsellers, millions of reads and fangirling over the endless number of incredible stories. For those of us in the forum, this is simply common knowledge. Well, Wattpad is making their mark on moreRead More →

It is rare that you come across a new book release as eclectic and varied as my latest review. The world of Wattpad allows for such variation in work, with countless authors taking on just about any type of story their minds can conjure. But getting this in one collectionRead More →

Hachette Book Group is one of the biggest publishers in the world. One of the elusive ‘Big Five’ of publishing, they feature authors such as Nicholas Sparks and Elin Hildebrand. And it seems they have a new partner in online writing trailblazer Wattpad. Together they plan to launch Hachette AudioRead More →

It is the most romantic time of the year, with roses, diamonds, chocolates and cuddles all in the forefront of everyones minds. The stores are decorated with reds, whites and pinks, stuffed animals and chocolates ready for the purchase. And, for those of us who love a good ol’ romanceRead More →

To quote the infamous Harry Potter series… I open at the close The I in this little reference is the latest Wattpad Block Party. And the open/close reference is rather self explanatory, as this little collection of author interviews here with Fangirlish comes to a close, can only mean thatRead More →

We are only a week away from the kick off of Wattpads best fan run event, the Wattpad Block Party hosted by Kelly Anne Blount. Bringing together some of Wattpads biggest writers, along with new and incredibly up and coming favorites, this is the one compilation that gives you yourRead More →

As February approaches, so does the latest edition of the Wattpad Block Party. Hosted by Kelly Anne Blount, the WBP brings together Wattpad authors new and old in a collection of sneak peaks, alternate endings, interviews and more. A fun collection and a great way to get to know newRead More →

The wait is finally over! After months of lead up, voting, nail biting and tagging Wattpad with gifs hinting towards our impatience, the 2016 Watty winners have been announced. Friday, November 4 brought the end of this years anxiety ridden waiting period, and for some, the excitement of being ableRead More →