If there’s one thing I love, it’s sports. If there’s another thing I love, it’s sports books. If there’s another, another thing I love, it’s sports books with a female lead. Which is why Jennifer Iacopelli’s Break the Fall feels like the sports book I’ve been waiting for! While I’m not anRead More →


Beautiful covers. You know how we feel about them. We can’t get enough. It’s what makes us read books. The cover Brightly Burning, by Alexa Donne was released on EW. Here’s the description from EW – …centers on 17-year-old Stella Ainsley, who lives on a floundering spaceship called the Stalwart.Read More →

With gorgeous description and detailed rendering of a world where not everything and everyone are what they seem, Rebecca Ross weaves an intricate tale of revenge, loyalty, and, ultimately, self-discovery. Don’t miss the beautiful cover for Rebecca Ross’s debut young adult fantasy, THE QUEEN’S RISING, and pre-order your copy today!Read More →

Today we have the gorgeous cover reveal of JUST ONE SPARK by Jami Wagner! Check out the lovely cover and be sure to grab your copy before it comes out on April 12th! Title: Just One Spark Author: Jami Wagner Release Day: April 12th Genre: Contemporary Romance About Just OneRead More →

Book covers sell us on books – we admit it. We look at books and we drool and we can’t get enough. We’re loving the cover for Tristina Wright, 27 Hours. Here’s the synopsis: Rumor Mora fears two things: hellhounds too strong for him to kill, and failure. Jude WeltonRead More →

Today is the cover reveal for Leviathan’s Rise by B. Brumley! Check it out and grab your copy before the March 1st release!! Title: Leviathan’s Risie Author Name: B. Brumley Genre: Paranormal romance Release Day: March 1st About Leviathan’s Rise: Lev is a whale shifter with a memory problem. ForRead More →