‘The Stranger’ 1×11 Review: “5:00 AM”

In the 11th episode of “The Stranger,” Carl E doesn’t realize that not breaking Clare, he’s strengthening her to ultimately take him down.

‘The Stranger’ 1×10 Review: “4:00 AM”

For the last nine episodes of Quibi’s The Stranger, I’ve been left wondering a very simple, but important question: “Why?” And I finally got the answer to that question in the 10th episode.

‘The Stranger’ 1×09 Review: “3:00 AM”

Honestly, I don’t know what to believe after this ninth hour. And I’m pretty sure that’s the point. With just four episodes left, we’ll get answers soon enough.

‘The Stranger’ 1×08 Review: “2:00 AM”

In seven episodes, Quibi’s The Stranger has freaked me out a great deal. Every. Single. Time. And yet, I wasn’t as freaked out as I was until the start of this eighth hour, which consisted of a dark tunnel and…

‘The Stranger’ 1×07 Review: “1:00 AM”

Remember when I mentioned that I wasn’t terrified for the first time watching Quibi’s The Stranger? Yeah, well, that feeling lasted a single episode as the seventh hour left me with chills running down my spine.

‘The Stranger’ 1×06 Review: “12:00 AM”

For perhaps the first time since watching Quibi’s The Stranger, I left this hour feeling not absolutely terrified. Rather, I felt empowered. Hopeful that maybe — just maybe — Clare will be able to come out of this alive.

‘The Stranger’ 1×05 Review: “11:00 PM”

The one thing I’ve grown more aware of since watching Quibi’s The Stranger is that we’re being watched. All of those cameras — on our laptops, our phones, security cameras — in the wrong hands can be dangerous as hell.

‘The Stranger’ 1×04 Review: “10:00 PM”

After watching Quibi’s The Stranger — the fourth hour –I’m convinced that I never want to leave my house alone ever again. Especially at night.

‘The Stranger’ 1×03 Review: “9:00 PM”

You’re right to be paranoid. That’s what we learned from The Stranger’s third episode, where the cat-and-mouse game is just getting started.

‘The Stranger’ 1×02 Review: “8:00 PM”

There’s something about watching Quibi’s new series The Stranger that has me looking over my shoulder. Just two episodes in, and it feels like a full-blown terror ride