‘The Stranger’ 1×11 Review: “5:00 AM”

I’ve come to the point in Quibi’s The Stranger that I’m ready for the finale. Not because I want it to be over — although, I do — but because I need to finally see Clare get the best of that psychopathic murderer that feels validated in causing others pain.

Typically, I’m scared following these episodes. But after episode 11, it’s not even fear anymore. Just anger, frustration. Something needs to be done at this point — it’s grown to a breaking point — and no one can seem to get the best of this guy. And it’s annoying the hell out of me.

Silly me for believing that the police would be of any assistance to Clare in her pursuit of Carl E. They certainly thought they got the upper hand — in tracking him down. But he’s five steps ahead of them all. He knew the police would track his location, he knew that would leave the police station vulnerable, and he knew that would be the moment to get rid of JJ — and it wasn’t even at his own hand.

Carl E is a master manipulator and someone that remembers everything. Down to the last detail. Including his signature shoes, that are emblazoned into Clare’s mind at this point. The moment she saw those shoes in the stall, she knew it was him. Hell, I knew it was him.

Only, it wasn’t. See, Carl E is too smart for this shit, which is the only reason this has lasted as long as it has.

Turns out, Carl E lured the cops to his warehouse, where he had someone tied up in a chair — JJ, naturally. I assumed he was dead. Only, I had no idea that what would happen would be so much worse.

Clare told the cop at the station that Carl E was inside of the bathroom — naturally, it’s what you do — and they prepared to take him out. They told him to come out of the stall or they’d be force to come in.

When Clare received a text message that all but guaranteed it wasn’t him in the stall, she knew exactly who it was — JJ, bound and gagged and powerless to do anything as the police gunned him down.

The one thing that Carl E promised is that he’s going to break Clare, just like he broke the others. But this isn’t the way. This is the opposite. Carl E doesn’t realize it — he’s not breaking her, he’s strengthening her.

The only ending for this story is that Carl E dies — hopefully by the hand of Clare. I understand justice — and people are innocent until proven guilty. But it’s been clarified at this point that Carl E is the guilty party, and simply locking him up in jail isn’t going to do anyone any good.

Because, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t doubt if Carl E hatched some master escape plan to break himself out of prison and come after Clare. Please, Quibi, I don’t need a sequel to this. Just kill the bastard, please.

The Stranger airs new episodes weekdays on Quibi.

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