‘Not Okay’ Movie Director Quinn Shepard Gets Engaged On Set

Ah love is adorable. It’s a many splendid thing, especially when your engagement is captured and you look so happy and everyone is happy for you!

Dylan O’Brien As A Blonde May Be Our New Favorite Thing

We didn’t realize how much we missed Dylan O’Brien until we saw him dancing on TikTok and now this… 😭

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Love and Monsters: Can Love Co-exist in the Apocalypse?

Love and Monsters is a witty, charming take on the apocalypse, featuring the goodest boy to ever dog and some other good actors.

‘Stop and Fangirl’ Episode 108: ‘Love and Monsters’ Review

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The Latest Canceled Person On Twitter – Dylan O’Brien

Cancel culture sucks and every single day it seems like the internet is working on someone else. People are either bored, bored, or they really just honestly don’t know how to occupy their time without being nasty to people on…

The Tale of a Slow Burn: 26 Times Stydia Stole Our Hearts

It started like any other love story: Boy meets girl. Girl doesn’t know boy exists. Boy swoons from afar. It seemed hopeless for our heroes at the beginning but this love story took time to build and man, was it…