Shining Vale Season 2 Is Coming To Haunt You…

We’ve been waiting for news on Shining Vale Season 2 since the second we finished the first season. And here it is!

‘Shining Vale’ 1×08 Review: “Chapter Eight – We Are Phelps”

Shining Vale 1×08 “Chapter Eight – We Are Phelps” was the epic, inevitable conclusion to a season of television that has truly had it all.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×07 Review: “Chapter Seven – Impertinent Questions”

Shining Vale 1×07 “Chapter Seven – Impertinent Questions” offered a masterclass in performance and pure…messiness.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×05 Review: “Chapter Five – The Squirrel Knew”

Shining Vale 1×05 “Chapter Five – The Squirrel Knew” was destined to be one of our favorite episodes. Why? Two words: Judith Light.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×04 Review: “Chapter Four – So Much Blood”

Shining Vale 1×04 “Chapter Four – So Much Blood” gave Pat the final reveal on Rosemary’s origins, tragedy and all.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×03 Review: “Chapter Three – The Yellow Wallpaper”

Shining Vale 1×03 “Chapter Three – The Yellow Wallpaper” finally gave a name to Pat Phelps’ ghost-slash-muse: Rosemary.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×02 Review: “Chapter Two – She Comes at Night”

Basically, Shining Vale 1×02 “Chapter Two – She Comes at Night” had us at “yes, we’re exposing these double standards for men and women.”

‘Shining Vale’ 1×01 Review: “Chapter One – Welcome to Casa De Phelps”

Shining Vale 1×01 “Welcome to Casa De Phelps” was the perfect setup for this new, completely bonkers series.