This is an entry in Fangirlish’s What Sports Mean To Me series, where our writers discuss memorable sports moments and how sports have impacted their lives. A few years ago, my list of “sports wishes” was a very long one. I wanted my favourite players to win trophies, I wanted good playersRead More →


This is an entry in Fangirlish’s What Sports Mean To Me series, where our writers discuss memorable sports moments and how sports have impacted their lives. Sometimes, when it comes to sports fandom, it’s more fun to cheer against other teams than to cheer for yours. If this sounds weird to you,Read More →

Well friends, the NHL is back in action for another season of the good (Jaromir had a team!) the bad (the Penguins upcoming White House visit) and everything in between. Since the season is only days-old at this point, there’s not much in the way of winners and losers, butRead More →

The time has arrived. The matchups are set, the schedule is set, now all that’s left is the inevitable upsets and tears. Below you’ll find my brief analysis and predictions for each of the first round playoff meetings. Given the weird playoff ‘bracket’ the NHL has adopted in recent years,Read More →

This week, most NHL teams hit the 67 game mark. This means that each team has roughly 15 games left to play before the playoffs start. Yes, it’s that unbelievably close.  This means that it’s getting to the point where every game is important. Teams on the bubble can’t affordRead More →

It’s time to talk hockey again! While nothing too crazy happened in the NHL this week (unlike last week’s coaching change-ups), an important date is looming. March 1st is the NHL trade deadline day. This day is always a bit hit or miss. Sometimes it’s filled with big name trades,Read More →

Nothing goes together like Valentine’s Day and hockey right? And snowstorms. Where I live is currently in the midst of a 60cm storm (that’s about 2 feet to the Americans out there). So what a better time than to delve deep into the world of hockey. Let me tell you,Read More →

Another week, another roundup of NHL action. With the All Star break over, teams got back into the swing of things, and although it was not quite a full week of games, a lot still happened. Let’s not waste time and get straight to the action. WINNERS Florida Panthers – AfterRead More →

This roundup is a little out of line with what I’ve been doing recently, but there’s a season for that. The NHL is set for it’s All Star weekend (January 27-29) so NHL scheduling is what I’ll call a little ‘wonky’ right now. After tonight, there’ll be no games throughRead More →

It was another busy week in the NHL last week, as we quickly make our way toward the All Star break. With injuries, winning streaks, losing streaks and everything in between, let us take a quick look at the past week in the NHL. WINNERS Brad Marchand, Boston Bruins –Read More →

Well ladies and gents, it’s official – we are half way through the NHL season. With most teams either hitting (or will hit this week) the 41 game mark it’s now or never for a lot of teams. So, what happened this week? The NHL was pretty quiet, but itRead More →

With the holiday season just over, the NHL scheduling has been a little wonky in the last little while. With lots of gaps in play, it has been a bit difficult to tell who exactly is doing well (and not so well) but I’ll do my best to sort outRead More →

Where do I even begin? This week in the NHL has definitely been intense. With the 1/2 season mark quickly approaching, we’re beginning to get an idea of who this season’s breakout stars are going to be, but we’ve still got a long way to go until April. So, whoRead More →

The 2016 NHL free agent frenzy answered the question “would I do a better job of managing an NHL team than some of the people actually employed as NHL General Managers?” Because the answer is yes. You would. Everyone would do a better job than those guys. I could doRead More →

Do you feel that? The excitement? That’s right, it’s time for some playoff hockey! The 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs kick off tonight as 16 teams vie for the most coveted trophy in all of sports: The Stanley Cup, which even at 123 years old looks as amazing as ever. Tonight,Read More →