If you haven’t caught up with the mainstream on Netflix, let me fill you in. The Witcher and You have been crushing it on it’s popularity contest. I lean more towards The Witcher and there’s a very special reason, out of a 100 reasons, why I loved the show soRead More →


Any time a new Marvels show comes to the small screen, there tends to be an increased sense of anticipation that isnt always there with other shows. It could be thanks to the Marvels name, a name that is synonymous to thrilling story lines, captivating characters and enthusiastic fan bases.Read More →

It’s that time of week again! Time to catch up on all things One Direction as our favorite 4 take the world by storm! Just because the band is on hiatus doesnt mean there is a shortage in news, so here we go! HARRY This has been a big weekRead More →

Harry Styles is a superstar. Whether as 1/4 of the popular band One Direction, or as a solo artist while the group is on hiatus, it seems that there is nothing Styles cant do. Sing, act, and…okay, so he cant really dance, but one fault isn’t too bad. On theRead More →

Any time Harry Styles appears on a show, you know fans will be glued to their TVs for every word he speaks. There is little Styles could do that would not draw a crowd, as since his hiatus with One Direction he has a number 1 album, single, and filmRead More →

This is the moment many One Direction fans have been waiting for. As each member has taken a different musical route, releasing solo songs and albums, Niall Horan is the first to step out on the stage as a solo artist and perform without the backup of the fellow lads.Read More →

Terrorist attacks are something that are becoming all too common in todays world. News of bombings, shootings, kidnappings and more, all in the name of fear fill our news headlines every day, slowly making us numb to what this world is becoming. But May 22, 2017 was a day thatRead More →