This has been a pretty big month for One Direction fans. Harry released a new single and video within the same day. Liam announced album news. Louis made a similar announcement with a new song, album release date and tour. And now, it’s Niall’s turn, and it doesn’t disappoint. 2020Read More →


It feels like after months of a musical drought, One Direction fans are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. First Niall, then Harry release new singles, and now it seems that Louis Tomlinson is hot on their heels. His new single, “We Made It” is comingRead More →

The latest film adaptation of the uber popular Fifty Shades of Grey series, Fifty Shades Freed, is coming to theatres this February. The franchise has cultivated an enthusiastic fan base that is eagerly awaiting the latest adventures of Ana and Christian, and to see how the story ends as itRead More →

We’re only a few days before Christmas, and I am sure I am not the only one thankful for the year that the 1D lads have had in 2017. Mainly because each have found measures of success in the solo arena, and are now able to take some time toRead More →

For those of you who are team Horan, and have been waiting (im)patiently for any and all announcements with regard to his first solo release since the hiatus began in late 2015, today was a very good day for you. Not only was yesterday Niall’s 24th birthday, but today (SeptRead More →

Picture this: a high speed car chase, a played out heist, and Zayn Malik at the helm. Well, that is what you’re going to get when Malik drops his next single, Dusk until Dawn, on Sept 7. Sneaking a little preview to fans on his Instagram and other social media,Read More →

Any time Harry Styles appears on a show, you know fans will be glued to their TVs for every word he speaks. There is little Styles could do that would not draw a crowd, as since his hiatus with One Direction he has a number 1 album, single, and filmRead More →

With a number 1 album, multiple number one singles, and now the number 1 movie in the nation, the world is left wondering if Harry Styles can do no wrong? It seems that anything the green eyed Brit touches turns to gold, and on top of that, he’s just oneRead More →

Well, that was short and sweet. Today, Friday June 2, was a day many fans of 1D crooner Liam Payne had been waiting for. The release for his debut music video for the tune ‘Strip that Down’ was scheduled to hit the online world. But, as with many things inRead More →

He’s a cheeky little bugger, he is. In keeping with his cryptic and teasing ways, today (May 6) Styles released a 16 second clip of what will be his first solo music video, for his debut Sign of the Times. A piano ballad, lovely scenery, the song title and MayRead More →

Remember not long before Harry Styles now infamous Another Man magazines hits stands, the mysterious and reclusive singer took to Instagram and posted 3 plain white, blank, non-descript images? Now, those of us who know of Mr Styles and his preference for the abstract, thought very little on it untilRead More →

Well, its finally happening. We’ve heard solo work from Liam and Niall since the 1D hiatus began, and now we’ve got a little snip from Louis as well! Teaming up with Steve Aoki, the song ‘Just Hold On’ hit Twitter on December 9. A rather tumultuous timing for the 1DRead More →

Well, it looks like Liam Payne’s solo album is getting a little 1D infusion with the help of former bandmate Louis Tomlinson. The two have penned previous tracks together for One Directions own music over the years, but now as the band is on hiatus and each is working onRead More →