Niall Horan Announces Solo Album

For those of you who are team Horan, and have been waiting (im)patiently for any and all announcements with regard to his first solo release since the hiatus began in late 2015, today was a very good day for you.

Not only was yesterday Niall’s 24th birthday, but today (Sept 14) he announced the title and release date for his upcoming album. Two tracks have already hit the airwaves, This Town in late 2016, and the uber popular Slow Hands earlier this year, and the album promises more of the same!

Flicker will hit our ears October 20, 2017.

Other songs on the album include Seeing Blind, a collab with Maren Morris. Niall immediately sought out a partnership after seeing Morris perform at the Grammys with Alicia Keys earlier this year.

“I was just like, ‘This is a no brainer!’ So I got her email address through the label and I just emailed her. I had never met her. I was like, ‘Maren, I’ve got this song, I would really love you to be on it, obviously no pressure. If you don’t want to do it, you’re fine.’ She brought the song to life and sounds amazing on it,” – Niall Horan

A big change in the recording process Horan noticed with this album as opposed to his time with 1D was the pace and availability of freedom he experienced. We have all seen the clips and heard the tales of 1D recording their album in hotel rooms after shows, and while fun and exciting to experience the process with your friends, the ability to sit back and discuss decisions with the team was a positive.

“Before, we recorded albums in hotel rooms with mattresses against the wall as we were touring. It was really fun, and it was great laughs, but it was sometimes challenging. I had never really sung on a song for three and a half minutes. That was different.” – Niall Horan

Well, starting October 20 we will get to hear Niall sing a whole lot longer than just 3 or 4 minutes, and we cant wait!

Check your local venues for dates and locations of Niall’s Flicker tour, on the road now!


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