It’s summertime and you know what that means, vacations, sunny days, and lots of time to binge watch shows! Yassss! Grown-ish returns for it’s second half of the season on Freeform this week, on June 5th. Basically it’s like A Different World for millennials. There is no Whitley Gilbert butRead More →


No show is complete without music to complement it and bring it to life. And that’s absolutely true for Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger. Each second is amplified by the music accompanying our two heroes in this Marvel series. Check our soundtrack for Cloak & Dagger! Add them to your Spotify,Read More →

Time flies, blindspotters, Blindspot season 4 is coming! We miss the stories of our protagonists and we can only console ourselves by watching all the seasons broadcast in a loop. Each scene has its own magic, its own soundtrack. There are songs that inevitably remind us of certain moments livedRead More →

You know how some shows you watch with a soundtrack in your mind? You can hear what they sound like, in a way. Or how some songs just so profoundly remind you of a character that you’re forever convinced the song was written for them? I bet you do. ItRead More →