See The First Look At The Disney+ Show, ‘The Santa Clauses’

You ever loved a movie as a kid but then you grew up and the lead actor is just ugh, but you’re excited for a TV series?

Matilda Lawler Joins Disney+’s ‘The Santa Clause’ As Series Regular

Sure, we may not be Tim Allen’s biggest fan (not really a fan at all), but we do love The Santa Clause franchise. Judge as you want, but we’re trash for holiday movies and will watch and judge them all. …

Tim Allen to Reprise Role in ‘Santa Clause’ Series Ordered at Disney+

It’s time to return to the North Pole! Tim Allen will reprise his role as Scott Calvin/Santa in a Santa Clause limited series on Disney+!

#WayBackWednesday – The Santa Clause (1994)

The Santa Clause got repeat play at my house year-round growing up. I watched a fair amount of Home Improvement because of my crush on JTT back in the day, so I was quite happy to watch a Disney Christmas…