A ‘Psych’ Star Joins The Cast Of ‘The Wonder Years’ Reboot

The cast of The Wonder Years reboot keeps getting better and better. We’re excited they’ve added this Psych star to the cast!

Laura Kariuki Added To The Cast Of ‘The Wonder Years’ Reboot

We’re anxiously awaiting the reboot of The Wonder Years and are excited for all of the information that is coming out about the casting for the reboot. It was previously announced that Elisha Williams had booked the lead role of…

‘The Wonder Years’ Reboot Casts Its New Lead

#TheWonderYears is classic television at its finest. The reboot of the show has cast its lead and the original lead delivered the news. See it here!

ATX TV & HULU Celebrate the ’90s This Week

ATX TV and Hulu are celebrating 90’s week this week, and why not join them? We’re old enough to accept the 90s were awesome.