Tom Holland Secretly Bartended In London To Prepare For ‘Uncharted’ Role

Really surprised that no one told us that Tom Holland was bartending. We woulda been at that bar.

Sony Pictures Releases More Pictures For ‘Uncharted’

If you are looking for something to watch this weekend, might we suggest you watch #Uncharted. Here’s some more pics to get you excited.

‘Uncharted’ Releases Character Posters

yes, character posters for #uncharted make us happy. is it february 18th yet?

The New Poster For ‘Uncharted’ Has Us Appreciating Assets

We appreciate the asset. And that’s all we’re saying.

The Poster For ‘Uncharted’ Has Us Wanting To See The Movie

Will we see a movie that we know jack shit about because of Tom Holland? Well, is the sky blue? Do we breathe to live?

See New Pictures From Tom Holland’s ‘Uncharted’ Movie

Tom Holland can do no wrong. Sure we don’t wanna watch a movie based on a video game, but will we for him? You bet your sweet ass we will.