‘The Flash’ 2×14 Roundtables: ‘Escape from Earth-2’

Every week, Fangirlish writers will be discussing new episodes of The Flash and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and speculation about the hour’s hot topics in a little something we like to call Fangirlish Roundtables.

Today, we’re breaking down episode 14 of The Flash, “Escape from Earth-2,” where we discuss our thoughts on the two-part Earth-2 saga, discuss Jay Garrick’s fate, and speculate who Zoom is.

What were your overall thoughts on “Escape from Earth-2?”


This was another solid episode for The Flash, and it really feels like the show is starting to pick up steam heading into its final run of nine episodes. While this season hasn’t been bad – in fact it’s been very well acted as always – but it seemed to be lacking that oomph that the first season possessed. But this Earth-2 storyline has been the perfect way to rejuvenate the show. We’re finally seeing more teases involving Zoom and us as fans are finally starting to be like – “Oh my God, who is that? Who could Zoom be?” – in a way that we are even more invested than we normally are. That’s what always draws me into that because the character dynamic has been strong all season, so I’ve been waiting for the equalizer in storytelling to finally catch up. And I really feel like it has.


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*grabby hands* Give me more now! Barry was challenged to learn something new and the lengths that his friends would go to find him. Villains were shown to have a new light in them that could benefit the heroes. And Zoom confirmed he’s a creepy stalker who creeps on his own cave, listening to his victims, and waiting for an opportunity to jump on out. He’s theatrical as hell and that somehow makes him less scary.

The Flash -- "Escape From Earth-2" -- Image FLA214b_0224b -- Pictured (L-R): Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost, Candice Patton as Earth 2 Iris West, Grant Gustin as Earth 2 Barry Allen, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

What did you think of the Earth-2 two-parter as a whole?


This season The Flash has been falling short of its sensational freshman run, but this Earth-2 two-part story was the perfect thing to rejuvenate it just in time for this final string of episodes when the storylines that were introduced in the season premiere will begin to pay off. This entire second season has been based on the concept of Earth-2 – from the season premiere to the season’s big bad – so it was only right that the show explore that concept. And man was it one of the best things they’ve done this season. I’ve never been so giddy about something like this that wasn’t due to character dynamics. Everything from the dopplegangers to the retro feel of Earth-2 to the Easter eggs that hint that some of the other heroes we love, like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl, exist in that world was really incredible to experience.

This two-part event really felt like an experience in itself. Here you were throwing characters that we know and love into this alternate reality where there are other versions of themselves and dealing with the surprise and danger of it all, as well as the threat of Zoom, and you really get an idea of the reach that this show has now. The multiverse concept has opened the door to so much for The Flash and for this Arrowverse. Because as we know, the multiverse doesn’t only include Earth-2. But this two-episode event was exactly what The Flash needed to get back on its fast-paced track.


I think it was well executed and leaves the door open for so much more. Besides being obligated to return for Jay, universe hopping can be a way to access Atlantis (pretty please give it to me!) and soon Supergirl. They can expand the world anyway they want at this point. I also enjoyed how everything felt familiar but slightly twisted, like a dream. It challenges the actors to enter a world they know but from a different angle with new material. Sounds like the best kind of job!

The Flash -- "Escape From Earth-2" -- Image FLA214b_0126b -- Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Earth 2 Barry Allen and Candice Patton as Earth 2 Iris West -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

We got to spend a little more time with Earth-2’s Barry and Iris as they accompanied Cisco and Wells. What did you think of their dynamic and who they are?


I love everything about Earth-2 Barry and Iris. The thing with these dopplegangers is while they’re different there are also little things about both Earth-1 and Earth-2 dopplegangers that you can’t help but find similar. Earth-2 Iris, while she was a detective, possessed the same passion that our Iris did, and she also had the same interests with writing and such. Barry of Earth-2 was just as geeky as he was when we first met him on Arrow and in The Flash pilot, as well as a CSI. But these two were a lot of fun together. They really played well off of each other. As a WestAllen fan I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t loving the married dynamic. I feel like it was the show’s way of hinting that Barry and Iris are meant to be in any universe, but it’ll also serve as a means to put the thought into Earth-1 Iris’ head that perhaps she might have a future with Barry. But you know this whole slowburn thing. It’s going to take some time.


Oh Barry and Iris from Earth 2. I don’t see it, how it could ever work. Earth 1 Barry and Iris have this undeniable chemistry where they blend together so well because hard ships in their lives were faced together. These two have been family for a long time and were close because Joe took on the responsibility of raising Barry. On Earth 2 Barry’s mom not dying resulted in him never getting to know Joe and Iris in a more intimate way. Earth 2 Barry is not as strong, is a nervous mess, and is the man who stole away Joe’s baby girl. Earth 2 Iris is more close offed, stronger, and is quicker to jump into action. They’re an odd pair that don’t seem to work but somehow ended up getting married. I LOVE everything about Earth 2 except these two. I’d love to see how they got to be the way they are today.

We saw Cisco expose that perhaps Killer Frost’s heart isn’t entirely frozen over. Why do you think Killer Frost decided to help them escape from Zoom at the last minute?


One of the things about these dopplegangers that I’ve noticed is that no matter how different they might be there’s also a small part of them that is similar. Whether it’s Barry’s adorkableness or Iris’ passionate demeanor or Cisco’s smarts or in this case, Caitlin’s ability to love. When Caitlin loves she loves with all of her being, as we’ve seen on Earth-1, as well as Earth-2 when despite her being a criminal she was all-in with Ronnie. We saw that grief overtake her when Zoom killed Earth-2 Ronnie, and Cisco noticed that similarity and was able to use it to his advantage when they confronted her. While Killer Frost might be a villain on this Earth-2 she’s still someone who has lost Ronnie and is damn angry about it. So when she saw Zoom about to kill that poor girl and saw how it was affecting Wells, she was reminded of her own grief and perhaps thought what if someone was able to stop Zoom from killing Ronnie? Killer Frost, despite following his orders, despises Zoom for what he’s done. And this was her way of taking a stand and showing us that while Caitlin Snow might be different on Earth-2, there’s still a part of her that we recognize underneath Killer Frost’s icy exterior.


I think Killer Frost helped Cisco and Co. because she realized he was right about Ronnie. She loved him and this man took him away from her. It wasn’t so much about Killer Frost still having good left her. Instead it was about her realizing that Ronnie would want her to fight and that their love was so epic it existed in two universes. Zoom needed to pay for taking away something that the universe had consistently tried to give her.

The Flash -- "Escape From Earth-2" -- Image FLA214b_0160b -- Pictured (L-R): Candice Patton as Earth 2 Iris West and Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The final moment in the episode ended in a shock with Zoom yanking Jay Garrick back to Earth-2. Do you believe Jay is still alive?


I mean he looked pretty dead, didn’t he? What with Zoom’s arm literally through his chest. But in this world no one is ever truly dead. That’s why I have every reason to believe that Jay is still alive. I still have a feeling that he won’t survive the season, but I believe that his death will come later and in a more meaningful way – like sacrificing himself to save everyone; going out the hero that he is. But as far as that scene goes all I remember is me shouting at the television when Jay was standing right next to the portal. Like, come one, you’re just begging for something bad to happen. But my heart really goes out to Caitlin who has once again lost someone she cares about, whether or not Jay is dead or not because now the final breach is closed.


Oh yeah. Jay is still alive. Zoom likes to play games and tease people. Since two of his play things are gone he needs to replace them ASAP! Zooms nothing if he doesn’t have someone to creep on and listen to their conversations in his secret mountain lair of doom. He’s got Jay and Killer Frost to entertain him until he gets Barry’s speed or get killed by the speedster.

Speculation time: Who do you think is Zoom?


Well, my first speculation about Zoom at the beginning of the season was that he was Earth-2 Barry, which doesn’t appear to be true. Then I thought it could be Earth-2 Joe West, who is now dead. And I’ve been sitting on the idea that it’s Henry Allen of Earth-2, who it still could very well be. But now I’m starting to believe that it’s someone else after speculation online. I believe that Zoom is Jay Garrick – not the real Jay Garrick of Earth-2 but someone who has been posing as him; the one that has been in our world. There’s something about Jay not having a doppleganger on our Earth, but there’s also been something that I’ve never been able to place about him that’s made me feel off. The Flash is that kind of show that is that crazy, and you just know that they want to blow our minds with this whole Zoom reveal. So while I still believe that it could be Henry Allen of Earth-2, I’m now throwing Jay Garrick into the mix.


After the masked metal man spelled out Jay, would it be crazy to say it’s him? Maybe a clone or someone from another universe. They’re already pushed the boundaries of what’d possible on this show. Why not do it again? And that guy sitting on the bench in Earth 1 is actually ZOOM TRICKING THEM! DUN DUN DUN! I could be absolutely wrong but I know for sure that they’re someone familiar to Barry.

What are your thoughts on “Escape from Earth-2?” Sound off in the comments to keep the discussion going!

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