Could 'Supergirl' Make Its Way Over to The CW?

As fans eagerly await the fate of CBS’s Supergirl, a new report from The Wrap indicates that there is some renewal drama related to the show that just wrapped its first season last month.
According to the report, CBS and Warner Bros. are in intense negotiation talks about Supergirl stemming from its less than excellent performance ratings wise. While Supergirl premiered to over 13 million viewers last October, that total was nearly cut in half as the season progressed.
CBS apparently wants Supergirl to return for another season, but the problem here is in relation to the costly budget for this super-powered show, which hovers around $3 million per episode. That wouldn’t be a problem if the ratings were indicative of such a budget. There is an indication in the report that Supergirl could see its budget cut to acclimate for its sophomore return.
But what’s interesting about this report is that it indicates that there are talks about Supergirl making the jump to The CW, which is a CBS affiliate network that currently houses three successful superhero shows in Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.
Supergirl moving to The CW would not only be smart, but it’s something that should’ve happened from the start. The CW skews to the younger audience through which CBS was apparently trying to get to, and it has three superhero shows that thrive on lower ratings than those on CBS due to The CW’s limited reach.

Given that super producer Greg Berlanti heads Supergirl along with The CW’s Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, this would be the perfect fit that would also allow for those crossovers that we’ve so desperately wanted. We’ve already gotten a glimpse of The Flash on Supergirl this season, which was an instant ratings hit, and there’s more clamoring to see Supergirl on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.
With network Upfronts in just two weeks, its coming down to the wire as CBS will unveil its 2016-17 schedule and renewals not yet announced. Will CBS give Supergirl one more go? Or could we possibly see the Girl of Steel fly over to The CW?
Well, we’re going to get an answer to that question sooner rather than later at this point.

What are your thoughts on Supergirl potentially heading to The CW?


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