Five Burning Questions About Tonight's Arrow Season 4 Finale

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come with Arrow in its fourth season as The CW’s original superhero show of this modern era. Oliver Queen has seen his share of happiness and darkness this season, but we’re starting to see the evolution of the Green Arrow as he’s leaning more towards that hopeful superhero he’s destined to become.
But obviously there’s a huge concern as we head into the final hour of what’s been an action-packed and emotional journey in Arrow’s fourth season run. Damien Darhk’s intentions, while altered, remain as threatening as ever as he plans to burn the world to the ground leaving no hope for salvation. Now Oliver and Team Arrow must find a way to fight Darhk’s magic and save not only Star City but the world.
So what happens next? We have so many questions about the season finale, titled “Schism,” including how Oliver will be able to overpower Darhk and his mystical powers, will Oliver and Felicity reunite, and who is staying and who is leaving town after the final hour.
Here are five burning questions we have about tonight’s season finale of Arrow:

1. How will Oliver overcome Darhk’s magic?

When it comes to our hero taking on the big bad one last time, you have to wonder how a superpowerless superhero can compete with a villain with immense magic? There has to be some way for Oliver to level the playing field when competing against the mystic. Given his experience against magic in the flashbacks, we’re wondering just how Oliver was able to overpower someone who possesses that overwhelming advantage? Because while Oliver being that source of hope and inspiration for the city will certainly help matters, it won’t be enough to overcome dark magic all on its own.

2. Who’s staying and who’s leaving town?

Given the title of the season finale – “Schism” – and the teases about some people staying in Star City and some leaving it by the end of the hour, we can’t help but wonder who is staying and who is leaving? Given that Oliver and Felicity started the season in Ivy Town, will they be the ones to stay in Star City while Diggle and Thea take some time off during hiatus? But then the concern lies in the reasons why Diggle and Thea are leaving. Will it be due to a schism within the team? Or will it just be a much-needed hiatus after the emotional trauma sustained in season four?

3. Will Oliver and Felicity be reunited by season’s end?

While Oliver and Felicity’s story had its share of ups and downs this season, the fact of the matter is that they remain the heart of the show along with Diggle. Given that Oliver and Felicity started this season off happy and together, could we see them find their way back to each other? Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean “engaged,” but it would mean Felicity telling Oliver that she wants to fight for their love given as “nothing worthwhile comes easy.” Felicity is a significant component of Oliver’s hero journey, which makes it practically impossible at this point for Oliver and Felicity not to be together. But the question is: Will we see a reunion in the season finale?

4. Will Oliver reveal his Green Arrow identity to Star City?

Oliver’s journey this season has been about figuring out how to be a hero both in the light and in the dark of the night. He tried to be that hero in the light when he ran for mayor, but that didn’t quite work out. But with Damien Darhk taking to the streets of Star City to challenge Oliver, it appears as if Oliver will need to find a way to rally the people of Star City to help him in the fight. But given the fact that the producers aren’t such a big fan of secret identities and such, is there a possibility that Oliver might reveal his identity as the Green Arrow to the people of Star City as a means to inspire them? Could we see Oliver come out as the Green Arrow in the light of day?

5. Will we get a tease about Russia/Bratva focus in season five?

As the fourth season of Arrow and Oliver’s flashback journey comes to a close, there’s been a lot of teases about a Russian focus come season five. The past couple of season finales have given us a hint about the direction that the next season will take, and given the Russia teases – and that Oliver’s Bratva background has yet to be touched upon – will we get some teases in the past or present about next season’s Russian – and more grounded – focus?
Arrow’s season finale airs tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

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