Wynonna Earp: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

With Wynonna Earp set to make it’s first appearance in this years San Diego Comic Con, we couldn’t help wondering about a few things. Here are five questions we want answered about our loveable group of delinquents from Syfy’s Wynonna Earp!


1. Are we going to get a Doll’s backstory?

Before Dolls came to Purgatory he was part of another division that left him labelled a monster by his superior officer. It changed him. His origins will help us understand the kind of man he is in Purgatory and why he has to inject himself with a drug that subdues his wildest urges. There’s a beast inside of Dolls. Maybe it’s time not to deny it anymore.


2. Will Wynonna Earp‘s past come to haunt her?

Wynonna is the kind of girl that gets into trouble wherever she goes. Not that she asks for it. Oh no, it finds her. Outside of Purgatory she must have met interesting people that hated her, loved her, or admired her. Now imagine if those people appeared in Purgatory and thought they were dealing with the same Wynonna from years before?

They’re in for a rude awakening! She’s a BAMF on a mission!



3. What other abilities does Peacemaker have? Any new colors?

The gun handed down to the Earp heir glowed blue when killing Willa. It was killing a loved one and not a revenant. So what other colors can it glow? Do different creatures determine its color? Or is it all about the intentions the wielder holds? We want to know more!


4. Will WayHaught move in together?

As Waverly continues to explore different parts of herself, moving in with Nicole, seems like the next logical step. Personally I can’t wait to see these two waking up together, learning how to live with another person, or talking about investigations in the safety of their home while cuddling up on the couch.


Of course none of this can happen until we deal with the next question in line.


5. Is Waverly possessed by the creature Willa tried to release?

Never touch goop that can not be identified! Especially after a battle with a demon your crazy sister was trying to unleash to kill everyone. Now that she’s gone and touched it, does it mean that a part of the creature is inside of her? Will it fade with time or is she set to be the big bad for Season 2?

Or could Waverly’s origins have made her susceptible to the mystery creature goop?


Wynonna Earp has not been confirmed for a season two. Showrunner and cast will be appearing at SDCC 2016.


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  1. I love all those questions and hope they wil be answered too – Few other questions: Where is the mother of the Earp sisters? Will Clootie free herself or struck a deal? How will the team get Dolls back & deal with Dark Waves?

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