Letters from Fangirlish: Stop Pitting DC Shows Against One Another

Dear Fellow Superhero Television Fans,

One of the amazing things about this television age has been the resurgence of superheroes and comics on television. DC Comics especially has exploded onto the scene over the past five years with several shows that have brought our favorite superheroes to life and introduced us to some new ones that we’ve embraced with open arms.

But there’s something that I’ve noticed over the past couple of years with these spinoffs especially. There have been some comparison as to which show is better. Or sometimes there’s even hate towards another show whether it’s because of some blind allegiance or just general dislike for the show.

Look, I’m not trying to force you to like a show that you don’t like. But in a united universe like the Arrowverse with Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and now Supergirl, the fandoms should be celebrating the success of each other not putting them down. Instead of attacking each show fans should be marveling in the individual success of each DC show that continues to give us more and more when it comes to comics on television. We really are blessed to live in this time of comic book transcendence.

But the thing that makes this Arrowverse so great is the diversity within the universe. There is literally something for everyone with each individual show. You might love just one or you might love them all. But there is a reason for your feelings about these shows.

Arrow was the show that literally made all of these other shows possible so there should be a certain respect towards it in that aspect alone. Arrow managed to bring a grittiness and groundedness that made it a standout from the start. But it’s also blended a bit of humor and a lot of heart, which has made it so successful for four-going-on-five seasons. Arrow has always been the superpowerless superhero show, which is great for those that prefer a more realistic approach to superheroes.

The Flash exploded onto the scene as a spinoff from Arrow that quickly rose to success with its combination of humor, heart, and flashy superhero. While its counterpart had a darker feel, The Flash is more family friendly. Barry Allen might face some dark forces, but for the most part it’s addressed in a lighter way. The Flash also has some incredible visual effects as it deals with a superhero that possesses super speed. It makes for some truly incredible visual sequences. It’s flourished thanks to The Flash’s mainstream popularity and the world that the producers have created. It’s a walking comic book – with some expected changes. But it has that comic book feel.

While Legends of Tomorrow may dabble in some serious stuff from time to time, make no mistake that this show capitalizes on that fun team-up aspect. Here we have a group of heroes and villains thrown together that creates such an intriguing dynamic. While the time travel stuff can be confusing at times, this show is at its best when it’s focusing on its diverse group of characters.

Not only is Supergirl the only superhero show with a female lead hero, but it has been a symbol of feminism and equality throughout its first season. But perhaps most importantly it embodies hope, which is something that we all need in our lives. Sueprgirl brings us a hero that possesses an arsenal of super abilities, as well as one who was attempting to discover who she was last season. She’s quirky, caring, and strong, which is everything that young girls should and can now look up to.

Even outside the Arrowverse a show like Gotham brings a darkness to Batman’s origin story as a young man or Constantine, when it was on the air, brought a certain dark humor with its mystic happenings and exuberant lead John Constantine.

Maybe you love one and think the others are okay. Maybe you love one and dislike the rest. That’s okay, but let’s keep the hate to a minimum. Let us not forget that at the core of all of these shows there is heart that makes them so significant. That’s what we can all universally connect with. Just like the characters on all of these shows are friends, let’s do right by them and respect them. Not to sound cliché, but we really are all in this together. What a time for us to be alive with so many fabulous superheroes of all genders, race, and sexualities represented.

If we start comparing why our favorite show is better than our second favorite that’s when we become defensive. I know that. While I love all of these DC Comics shows, I do have one that I love more than any of the others. But I don’t let that hamper my love or enjoyment of the others. We all have something unique that we find within each of these shows. Let’s focus on the positive instead of the negative. Because we really are so blessed with all of these amazing superhero shows.

Best Regards,

Alyssa from Fangirlish

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  1. Applause! “Supergirl” is the one I’m catching up on this summer. (Getting over my dislike of Callista Flockhart’s character will be the hurdle.) But I appreciate every one of these shows for exactly what it is. And that dose of heart that you mention is what keeps me interested in them.

    It’s OK to like or not like things. I personally found “Constantine” too intense, though I really enjoyed the character. Attacking someone for their likes and dislikes? That’s plain silly.

  2. I’ve enjoy all four of the Berlantiverse DC shows and like the fact that they are all different from each other.

  3. I’ve enjoy all four of the Berlantiverse DC shows and like the fact that they are all different from each other.

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