Let’s Talk Outlander 2×13, “Dragonfly In Amber”

Last nights season finale of Outlander made us buckle at the knees, feel feelings that we hadn’t felt in years, and try to hold back the tears. It was one of the best episodes of Outlander that we have seen and maybe that’s because we’re saps.

But we’re excited to have Outlander move into the next chapter. Narrowing down out favorite moments would be really hard because from about five minutes in we were a mess. There was so much going on. Seeing Roger all grown up, seeing how lost Claire was in her eyes, meeting Brianna was a lot.

But as the episode progressed – seeing Brianna fight with Claire, meeting Geillis – before she was Gillis and then seeing her go through the stones – we were prepared for a lot. But Claire realizing that Jamie was alive – our hearts broke. Literally stood and and screamed, “Get your ass back through those stones Claire!”

Narrowing down our favorite moments was a hard one, because how do you comment on perfection?


Let’s all be honest – we all have our visions of what a character should be – especially ones that we love. And Roger Wakefield is a character that I had in my mind. Though Richard Rankin was not who I thought for Roger, he’s got me hooked. His portrayal is flawless. He made me want him and not focus on the fact that I was not seeing Jamie in every scene. I can deal with you Richard – I can obsess over you and be a better person for it.

And seeing Claire’s face when Roger said he was a MacKenzie – priceless.

Meeting Gillian

Now I don’t about you, but I was a big fan of the character Geillis. I loved her sassy ways – and until she admitted that she came through the stones, I never knew she had. But seeing her before she went through the stones made me love her more. She was idealistic, she wanted to go through the stones – not for herself, but to be able to be there for her country.

Now – how she went through the stones – the way she killed her hubby. Not gonna lie – I was like – umm, girl slow your roll. Don’t make me hate you.

Adios Dougal

Now I would love to say that I have been a fan of Dougal, but I hate him. He’s a manipulative prick who needs to be bitch slapped. And as much as I want to love him – his duty was never to family and that always through me off. His duty was always to an insane Prince (no offense Prince Charles). Yes, I know I wasn’t around during those times and I don’t know how family worked – and true, I would think my nephew had drank too much “milk of the poppy” if he told me that his wife traveled through time.

Jamie killing Dougal was not what I wanted for Jamie, but Dougal’s last scene made me actually feel bad for him and I thought that would never happen.

Jamie Sends Claire Through the Stones

Now, one can only dreams that you find a love in life like Claire and Jaime’s – but his sacrifice – his want to protect her and his child at all costs – TORE ME APART. You gotta give the man props – cause he gave her a quickie before he sent her ass through. I wouldn’t be sad if Jamie wanted to send me off like that. Explains why Claire looked so sad for 20 years.

Outlander Season 2 2016

Let’s Fight With Out Mama

Now I love Bree and I love how she reminded me of Jamie. Every movement, every facial expression – I was like “ummm, how would you ever have passed as Franks kid?” But I wanted to fly through the screen and slap Bree in the face – cause she was just effin mean to her Mom. She was just rude. Like, your Mom has given you everything – slow the fuck down.

Yet, let me say – that I wouldn’t have believed Claire either. Yet, my Mom would have slapped my ass into the middle of next week.

Yet I can understand why Bree’s got so much fire in her – cause – she’s Jamie’s kid.

Outlander Season 2 2016

Season 3 feels like it’s so far away. How are we going to make it through?

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