MTV Fandom Awards Preview: Best New Fandom

When it comes to fandoms the best ones are those that possess passion, commitment, and make their voices heard in a positive manner. While fandoms exist far and long throughout entertainment, there are some fandoms that have joined the game within the last year establishing themselves as forces to be reckoned with.

As the MTV Fandom Awards prepare to take over San Diego Comic Con on July 21, Fangirlish is breaking down each category by who we think should win, who we think will win, and why the others might not take home the prize.

In the “Best New Fandom” category we have everything from superheroes to Founding Fathers to demon hunters. Hamilton leads the class along with super powers in Suicide Squad and Jessica Jones, as well as new entities Mr. Robot and MTV’s own Scream reboot.

Let’s break down the “Best New Fandom” category:



Hamilton has certainly not thrown away its shot as it’s exploded onto the pop culture scene with its unique and captivating take on the life and glory of the United States’ first treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton. The show has not only become a pop culture phenomenon, but it’s helped bring Broadway to the forefront for people that typically wouldn’t move in that direction. Lin Manuel-Miranda’s innovative piece of art has found ways to move its audience, as well as bring history to children and adults in a creative way.

Hamilton has been nearly impossible to secure tickets to, where the cheapest resale tickets go for over $1,000. Hamilton was nominated for a record 16 Tony Awards this past year, where it took home 11. It’s Hamilton’s passionate fan base, which include a majority that has memorized every line of the show without having ever seen it – only through the soundtrack – that makes it not only a passionate fandom but a powerful one. The Hamilton fandom is just like its show: young, scrappy, and hungry.

WHO WILL WIN: Shadowhunters

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Moo Shu To Go" - Alec finds himself torn between duty and loyalty to Jace in “Moo Shu to Go,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Tuesday, February 9th at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., EST/PST on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/Sven Frenzel) MATTHEW DADDARIO, ALBERTO ROSENDE, EMERAUDE TOUBIA, KATHERINE MCNAMARA, DOMINIC SHERWOOD

While the Shadowhunters fandom is certainly not new – in fact it’s a veteran fandom – the Shadowhunters TV show fandom is fresh on the scene. And if there’s a fandom that has been incredibly passionate and made their voices heard it’s certainly Shadowhunters. The fans are incredibly passionate about the books, the show, and all of those involved. They bring the kind of passion to a fanbase that is incredible. Shadowhunters has brought us a second live-action reimagining of Cassandra Clare’s incredibly inspiring book series. The actos are incredibly dedicated to their craft and interactive with the fans that are blessed to see the characters they love come to life on the small screen. The Shadowhunters fandom knows how to make their voices heard, and this is one battle that they likely will come out on top.


Suicide Squad | Nothing against this rag tag, charismatic group, but while there’s certainly hype it hasn’t reached the sheer level of insanity as led by our front runners.

Jessica Jones | There’s no doubt that Jessica Jones was one of last season’s best new shows. While it has been embraced by a loving, dedicated fandom, we don’t see it knocking out our two juggernauts.

Mr. Robot | While Mr. Robot has certainly been one of those breakout hits, when you begin comparing fandoms it somehow gets lost in the shuffle.

Scream | While Scream has certainly established itself as another passionate MTV fandom, it hasn’t quite reached the level that some of the other nominees have.

The MTV Fandom Awards will be taped live Thursday, July 21 and air Sunday, July 24 on MTV.

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