Our Holiday Wish-List for the Characters of Once Upon A Time

Christmas is a joyful time. A time of family, a time of laughter, and a time of presents. We give presents to the people we love because we love them, because we want them to have a good time. We want them to be happy.

We also want our favorite characters to be happy. We feel connected to the TV shows we watch, and though these people are not real, and we don’t really know them, at times, it feels like we do.

So, here’s my wish list for the Once Upon A Time characters. Santa (aka, writers), I hope you’re paying attention!

For Emma Swan …a happy ending that’s not an ending, but a beginning. A wedding to the love of her life. An entire uninterrupted month or two of just …peace and quiet, with no one needing to be saved.

For Killian Jones…a relationship with his brother, even if it’s not an easy one. A wedding to the love of his life. A crash-course on updated pop-culture references/technology, dictated by Henry Mills.

For Snow White…some one-on-one bonding time with her daughter where they don’t have to worry about saving the town or each other. A real date with her husband (and both of them awake to enjoy it). For Baby Charming to finally talk so she can hear him calling her “Mom” for the first time.

For Prince Charming…the story of how his father died, so he can finally be at peace. A full-on bromance, aka some friends he can hang out with, aka, a Captain Charming adventure! For both he and his wife to be awake at the same time.

For Regina Mills…peace. Can I just repeat that three times? The peace that comes from knowing who you are, and knowing that you can conquer the bad parts of yourself. A Star Wars marathon with Henry. A relationship with her sister.

For Belle French… the strength to continue to do what’s right for herself and for her son, even if that breaks her heart. A baby Gideon returned to her so she can get all the moments. Friends that care for her.

For Rumplestiltskin…baby Gideon returned to a baby, aka a blank slate so he can then make his own choices re: his relationship with his son. A real acceptance of all he’s done wrong. The strength to choose love over power.

For Henry Mills…his family all together, happy, and not fighting amongst themselves. More video games. A 3-D version of the family tree so he can, at some point, attempt to explain it to others if he ever wants to leave Storybrooke and go to college.

For Zelena…redemption. The understanding that redemption isn’t just handed to you, you have to fight for it. A relationship with your sister.

Agree? Disagree? Have any other wishes for these characters? Share with us in the comments below!

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