Our Holiday Wish List for the Characters of Arrow


It’s no secret that the characters of Arrow have had a pretty rough year, particularly a rough season. But with the holiday season upon is, it’s time to share in the love and joy of the season. And what says that better than holiday gifts that our characters so desperately need?
Here are some holidays gifts we’d give our Arrow characters (and writers) if we could. And hopefully some of these gifts might actually be given by the producers.
For Oliver Queen …a smack on the head. He needs it to remember his journey over these past four seasons. He also needs to remember his characterization so he’s not trusting in complete strangers over his close friends and family.
For Felicity Smoak … friends. Or even just one best friend. Like friends outside of the Arrow Cave. You know, friends that’ll be there for her during a time of need (like when her boyfriend is killed by her ex-fiancé aka love of her life). Yeah, Felicity needs a BFF.
For John Diggle … a vacation. Like a real one. No one has had it harder than John Diggle this year, and the poor guy deserves a break with his family. Away from the violence, the madness, the guilt, and the pain that has made his year a living hell.
For Thea Queen … more screen time and dedication to an individual story that doesn’t involve an evil love interest. Thea is so much more than all of that stuff she has been subjected to.
For Quentin Lance …inner peace. Next to Diggle, Quentin has had perhaps one of the toughest years on DC television. Poor Quentin needs to find some peace in the midst of all this mess.
For Lyla Michaels-Diggle …appreciation. Because if there’s one character that Arrow hasn’t appreciated enough it’s Lyla Michaels-Diggle.
For Rory … a hug. Rory has been the lone new character that has managed to make himself feel welcome this season. We’ll keep Rory.
For Wild Dog … a bus ticket. Because if there’s one character that needs to get the hell off this show it’s Wild Dog.
For Prometheus … a list of our own. We’ve got some characters that we think Prometheus would agree need to be gone already. Prometheus could be more useful than we previously thought.
For Reporter Lady … a job outside of Star City. You know what, there is someone other than Wild Dog that needs to get out of this city more than him, and it’s this reporter. Hey, maybe they could both ride out on the same bus together!
For the Arrow writers Arrow seasons 1-4 DVD box sets. They need a refresher on what Arrow really is and the characters they’ve written. This isn’t Arrow II. This is Arrow. Or so they tell us.
For everyone … the nonexistence of Flashpoint. Cause I’ll be damned if everything bad happening this season isn’t somehow directly related to that. F*** you, Barry.
What would you give the characters of Arrow this holiday season?

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