Chicago P.D.: 5 Questions We Have Heading Into Season 4B

Chicago P.D.’s winter hiatus has had us begging to be locked up for the second half of what’s been a thrilling fourth season. The midseason finale previewed a lot of new change ahead in the new year, from Antonio moving to Chicago Justice to Burgess moving up to Intelligence to Lindsay’s father coming into the picture. The second half of the season is already shaping up to be another sensational one.
So obviously with all of the changes — and this long hiatus — we’ve been thinking obsessively about what awaits us in the new year. But also we’ve been thinking about several storylines intently — from Linstead’s relationship to Lindsay’s father to Burgess in Intelligence. We’ve got all the questions and we know that Chicago P.D. is going to have all of the answers. Eventually.
Here are five questions we have about the second half of season 4:

1. How will Lindsay deal with her father being in the picture?

It’s no secret that Erin Lindsay has had a tough upbringing. So it should come as no surprise that her estranged father has reached out and now wants to be a part of her life. Given the little we know about Lindsay’s father – which isn’t much, which also says a lot about the impact he’s had in her life – it’s no doubt going to be a struggle for Erin as she has to confront these issues and emotions that will no doubt be awakened by her father’s return. Something that’ll be interesting to see is how Lindsay responds once she has that interaction. Will she push people away, as we’ve seen in the past? Or will we see her reach out and open up? Specifically this will be interesting on the Linstead front. Lindsay’s father’s return is said to bring these two lovebirds even closer, which leads us to believe that Lindsay will lean on Halstead during what’ll no doubt be a difficult time emotionally. Lindsay is someone who’s proven that she can bend but that she’s not someone who will break. Let’s see if this makes her even stronger.

2. How will Burgess do in Intelligence?

One of the exciting new changes coming on Chicago P.D. is Burgess’ officially induction into Intelligence, where she’ll be replacing the departed Antonio, who heads to Chicago Justice to lead his own unit. Since the pilot, we’ve seen Burgess aspire to make it to Intelligence – and to succeed. And while she’s gotten a taste of it before, it was never something really permanent. Until now. Burgess is officially a part of the best investigative unit in Chicago. But transitions aren’t usually easy. So we’re sure there are going to be some growing pains for Burgess. From the start it’s been evident that Burgess was meant to succeed in Intelligence. But as she makes that transition from patrol to undercover, it’s going to interesting to see her faced with adversities she hasn’t been faced with before. It’s going to be even more amazing when she overcomes those struggles and emerges an even better officer because of it. Not to mention we’re looking forward to a lot more Burzak interaction now that she’s up in Intelligence.

3. What can we expect from Linstead moving forward?

Obviously this is always going to be on our minds. Halstead and Lindsay’s relationship and evolution has been solid from the start. They’re one of the more healthy relationships on television. They’re able to balance and separate work from personal lives while also maintaining a fun and loving nature. Simply put, they’re goals. Now that Halstead and Lindsay have been living together, we can’t help but wonder what lies in store for the couple moving forward this season. With Lindsay’s father coming into the picture, it’ll be interesting to see if Lindsay leans on Halstead for support. We’re excited to see challenges thrown their way and see them overcome those challenges and emerge even stronger.

4. Who will highlight the patrol unit?

Since Chicago P.D.’s inception, there’s been representation on the patrol unit side of things. It’s been Burgess from the start with several partners from Atwater to Roman to Tay to most recently Sorenson. But now that Burgess is moving on up to Intelligence, who can we expect to highlight the patrol unit aspect? Obviously it’d have to be a relatively new face — unless Tay was miraculously brought back. But we’re betting it would be a new face. Better yet can we still expect that focus? It’s always worked so well. But will it work without a familiar face right off the bat?

5. Can we expect Antonio to cameo frequently before Chicago Justice?

We’re still angry that Chicago Justice stole (okay not really) Antonio from Chicago P.D. Intelligence just doesn’t feel the same without him. So adjusting to Antonio’s new home with Justice is going to be a struggle. But given Justice isn’t premiering until March, can we expect frequent appearances from Antonio until then? Even though he took this promotion, it doesn’t truly mean he’s gone for good. Just remember how Lindsay eventually came back. Though I don’t anticipate Antonio will need to. But his home will always be Intelligence.
Chicago P.D. returns on a special night Tuesday, Jan. 3 at 10/9c before it returns on its regular night Wednesday, Jan. 4 at 10/9c on NBC.

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