The Flash: 23 Moments That Remind Us Why Westallen Are Destined to Be Together

There’s no better holiday for fans of a ship than Valentine’s Day, which is basically a celebration of love. And there are so many beautiful love stories to celebrate. One of those love stories that is so near and dear to our hearts is The Flash’s Barry Allen and Iris West, who have proven a near weekly basis that they are what is referred to as “fate” and “destiny.”
This season on The Flash, we’ve gotten to see Barry and Iris’ relationship front and center, which has allowed for some amazing moments that remind us of their beautiful love. But there have also been obstacles, namely a future event that has threatened to ruin them. But what we know about Westallen is that they can overcome any obstacle. Together.
Here are 23 moments that remind us Westallen will always find each other:

1. The moment Barry and Iris reunited after his accident.

The reunion that stopped our hearts and subsequently jump started them at the same time. The embrace. The smiles. The relief. The love.

2. The moment Barry and Iris kissed – for the first time.

Also known as the first kiss that didn’t actually happen because Barry erased it from time by accident. But it’ll never be erased from our memories.

3. The moment Barry and Iris kissed for the first time – for real.

So this was the first kiss that Iris remembers – and it’s a damn good one. The intimacy, the meaning, the emotion. It was perfection just like Westallen.

4. The moment Barry confessed his love for Iris.

I’m a sucker for heartfelt love confessions, but Barry confessing his love to Iris took my breath away. It was such an honest moment, and one that needed to happen. Barry couldn’t keep it bottled up anymore. It was also the first time Iris started actively thinking about more-than-friends feelings with Barry.

5. The moment Barry told Iris that she is his life.

Every hero needs that epic love; the one who is going to inspire them when they need it the most; the one that’s going to pull them out of the darkness and give their life meaning. Iris is Barry’s epic love.

6. The moment Barry made a home for him and Iris.

Barry and Iris have always been each others home. But Barry decided to make a physical home for them, as well. Barry wanted to start living his life with Iris fully.

7. The moment Barry discovered that he and Iris were married on Earth-2.

Proof that Barry and Iris are destined to be together on every Earth. The universe cannot keep these two apart.

8. The moment Iris pulled Barry out of the Speed Force.

When Barry was stuck in a faux reality where his mother was still alive – unable to return home – it was Iris that was able to pull Barry out of the Speed Force and back home. To his real home.

9. The moment Iris confessed her feelings to Barry.

We’ve known since The Flash’s pilot how Barry has felt about Iris. And he’s let her know, as well, in a heartfelt love confession. When Iris finally realized how she felt about Barry, her confession to him was just as touching.

10. The moment the byline read “Iris West-Allen.”

It’s great when you get confirmation that your ship will, in fact, be married in the future.

11. The moment Iris saved Barry from Grodd’s mind control.

When Barry was lost to Grodd’s mind control, it was Iris’s voice – and her inspiring words – that was able to pull him out of that so he could fight back.

12. The moment Iris felt a spark as The Flash sped off.

Usually when we think of a “spark” it’s not literal. But in Barry and Iris’ case, the spark between them is both figurative and literal.

13. The moment Barry and Iris fell in love in Flashpoint.

We already knew they were meant to be on any and every Earth, but even in Barry’s mess – aka Flashpoint – Barry and Iris were destined to be together.

14. The moment Barry gave Iris the necklace.

Barry’s attention to detail when it comes to Iris is next to none. So when he gave Iris a necklace with her mother’s wedding band that she’d lost in the fifth grade, it wasn’t just Iris’ heart that was swelling.

15. The moment Iris called Barry by his given name.

Not just anyone calls Barry by his given name, Bartholomew.

16. The moment Barry told Iris her voice would always bring him home.

I mean, he wasn’t lying. We’ve seen that on multiple occasions as Iris has managed to get through to Barry in a way no one else has managed to do.

17. The moment Iris sat at Barry’s bedside when he was in a coma.

There were many moments that Iris sat at Barry’s bedside and spoke to him – praying that he would wake up. But this moment in particular – one we got to see – that melted our hearts.

18. The moment Barry told Iris they’ll face the future together.

While Barry might not know what the future holds for certain, whatever is thrown his and Iris’ way they will face it together. And that’s all they need.

19. The moment Barry was willing to wait for Iris.

Westallen has been a story of waiting for the right time. Barry had to wait for about a year and a half since The Flash started (and countless years before that) for Iris to be ready to be with him. We say that it was worth it.

20. The moment Iris was willing to wait for Barry.

When it seemed like the time was finally right, Barry wasn’t in the right headspace to be in a relationship. So Iris told Barry that she’d wait for him like he’d waited for her for so long.

21. The moment Iris trusted Barry with her life.

While Iris has always believed in The Flash, she believes in Barry Allen even more. If he promises he’ll protect her, she’ll put her life in his hands.

22. The moment Iris told Barry that they’ll always find each other.

Where is the lie? Barry has – and always will – find Iris. That’s what happens when you’re destined to be together. Nothing can keep you apart.

23. The moment Barry told Iris he couldn’t be a hero without her.

Heroes aren’t a singular entity, not really. They are molded by the people in their lives – how they’re inspired, how they’re motivated – and Iris has been the most important person in Barry’s life and hero journey.
What are your favorite Westallen moments?

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