Legends of Tomorrow 2×12 Review : “Camelot 3000”


This week’s Legends of Tomorrow sends us to the time of King Arthur and his men of the Round Table. I love these type of stories and this was no exception. Sword fights, causal flirting and mind control leads to just another action-packed  episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

   Detroit Death City 

We go to Detroit in the year 3000 as Rip visits a old friend of his in another attempt at finding another piece to the Spear of Destiny. Ruthless Rip figures out that the fragment is inside his old buddy but thankfully we don’t get to see the surgery.

The team finds out about this and after a quick taunt to the Motor City, they find the man on the floor and it is revealed that it is Amaya’s old friend Dr.MidNite on the floor dead. Sprawled in blood is the word “RIP” and after some back and forth arguring between Sara and Amaya, Gideon finds out the next piece is in midevil times. The times of knights and jousts according to Ray.

Sara’s determination to save Rip is wonderful but it also asks the question of “How far can a person go before he can’t be redeemed?” Rip is reaching this level and for some, like Vixen, has passed that line.

The Mind(control) is mighter than the Sword 

The team goes walking through the woods and finds Queen Guinevere and her knights. Ray is awe-struck and geeking out. They get to meet with the King Arthur who is not trusting of these rogues. He goes to have Merlin decide on their fate. Shockingly however, Merlin ends up being Courtney Ford aka Star-Girl.

The best part of this is that Merlin is a woman here. We need more gender-swapping if we are too remake old stories like Knights of the Round Table or say Robin Hood. The possiblities are endless so lets start getting on this immediately.

On the ship, Star-Girl tells the story of how in 1956 Rip and The JSA took the Spear of Destiny and split it through time with each member taking a piece through time. Courtney’s piece and her ended up going to King Arthur’s time. Could have been worst — say 1945 Siberia perhaps?

So the merriment commences as Sara flirts with Guinevere and Ray geeks out over Sir Galahad. Ray Palmer feels like a man that was born in a different time. He seems like he was made for to be a knight. A knight in shinging armor has always been a thing of his. Even all the way back to when he was on Arrow, he was trying to do the noble knight thing for Felicity. Also shoutout to how badass the ladies were tonight. From the team to Guinevere to Courtney, we got to see the soft sides of their feelings and also see them kick some ass as well.

The partying is stopped cold when a Rip-controlled King Arthur shows up with Mr. Hunter and a Elvis-quoting Damien Dahrk. After a few menacing words, Darhk demands the spear piece or he’ll bring even more controlled men like Arthur. Poor Galahad suffers death at the hands of the Legion’s slave.

Females are strong as hell

In the morning, Sara, Courtney and Amaya overlook the aftermath and Sara gives Queen Guinevere a speech on how King Arthur can be saved and how strong she is. Its pretty obvious that this speech also refers to Sara and her goal of still trying to save Rip. Sara sees Rip as someone who can still be saved and she wants Guinverver to know that Arthur can be too.

It’s one thing that will always be a part of Sara Lance. She feels that perhaps she is damned as a killer but she wants to help save everyone else from that fate. That is a hero in my book.

As Guinevere rallies her troops to fight the Legion and their men, Ray is going to go with them to battle. Nate tries to convince him not to fight but once again Ray feels the knight blood in him and goes to battle. Meanwhile , Amaya and Sara pull the spear piece out of the table and get caught by Star-Girl. Next time, less bad-ass quips and more with the getting out of dodge.

After a quick chat , it’s found out that Courtney is in love with King Arthur. Explains why she is so passionate thorough out the episode to save Arthur and the knights. Those fanfic stories of Merlin and Arthur being in love don’t sound so silly now do they?
Ray and Nate argue about being a part of the battle. Ray wants to fight with them as he believes in the cause of the knight. It is a nice sight seeing Ray be dubbed “Sir Ray of the Palms” I hope that is his new name from now on.


The Battle of the Legends

While this is happening, the team argues about whether to stay or not. After a little healthy yelling, Sara makes the final call as the leader she is and they stay to fight and help Guinevere and her knights.

Jax, Rory and Stein try to work a device to control counteract the controlled knights under Rip and after a few failed attempts finally are able to get it to work. However it is Rory telling then what to do instead of Stein after a nice idea from Jax.

We are treated to some nice sword fighting on the battlefield and Rory is able to counteract the mind-control. Huzzah!! After being freed, Arthur takes out Rip and leaves him laying hurt on the battlefield. Darhk decides to leave run away like the coward he truly is and leaves Rip behind. Sara and Gideon hover above Rip as it looks like Rip has finally been captured.

Ray goes after Darhk and after a quick sword battle, Damien shoots Ray with a hidden blaster gun. Luckily Ray has his Atom chestplate on and Sir Ray survives once again to fight another day. One thing though, Why didn’t Ray tell Nate about that? Nate would have stopped naggin on Ray about being in the fight if he knew this, I think.

We get a quick few scenes of Amaya and Courtney making up from their argument and a nice little kiss between Sara and Guinevere.  Jax confronts Rip in the brig and flat out tells him he is not The Captain anymore. However someone should tell Gideon that as her response of “Yes Captain” to Rip’s question is not a very good sign for our team of Legends.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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