Worship Bilquis with Limited Edition ‘American Gods’ Shirt for Charity

Yetide Badaki, known as the Goddess of Love Bilquis on Starz American Gods, wants you to worship her by buying a shirt for charity. The officially licensed merchandise is available on represent.com with the proceeds going to two charities of Yetide’s choice, The UN Refugee Agency and Planned Parenthood.

The limited edition shirt features Bilquis face with the words “man eater” across the top. It’s available as a t-shirt, a pullover sweatshirt, and a racerback tank. Yetide’s shirt follows a long line of celebrities supporting charities and connecting with the fans who support and love them.

Check out the shirt HERE and worship Bilquis over on her Twitter.

American Gods airs Sundays on Starz at 9/8c.

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