Orphan Black: Season Five gets Blu-ray and DVD Release Date

The final season of Orphan Black has just begun airing, but just in case you want to plan your re-watching, we have a Blu-ray and DVD release date for you – September 12th, 2017.

The final season of the critically acclaimed drama starring Emmy-award winning actress Tatiana Maslany focuses on the last shodown between Sarah (Maslany) and Rachel (Maslany) – the clone who’s sought to destroy her and her sestras from day one.

The fifth season release includes the following bonus features:

  •   Island of Lost Souls, a detailed look at the Revival Village set and P.T. Westmoreland’s Cabinet of Curiosities.
  •   The Epic Clone Shot, a behind-the-scenes view of Orphan Black‘s trickiest visual effects ever – the one-take clone switcheroo.
  •  Clone-Centric, a deep dive with the cast and creators of Orphan Black as they recollect Season Five’s unique clone-specific episodes, each spotlighting a different fan-favorite character.
  •  The Beginning of the End, where fans can watch the cast and crew recount the pivotal moment in Season Five that made them realize that the show was truly ending.
  • Out of the Black, a reflection on the series from the cast and crew as they work together to film two challenging final clone scenes.

Orphan Black: Season Five also contains a special inside look into each episode, which will be available on BBC Worldwide North America’s digital partners (EST partners) the same day as each episode hits the season playlist, in addition to the Blu-ray and DVD.

Orphan Black airs on BBC America on Saturdays at 10/9c.

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