Exclusive Interview: Jade Hassouné Talks ‘Shadowhunters’ and ‘That’s My DJ’

Jade Hassouné is best known for his role as the faerie-knight Meliorn on Freeform’s hit show Shadowhunters. As Meliorn, he adopts the persona of a handsome and elegant Seelie in a fantasy world full of werewolves, vampires, angels and demons, but this summer, his fans will get the chance to see him in a different setting. Jade’s character Sam is the focus of the third and final season of That’s My DJ, a Toronto-based web series that explores the world of electronic music.

I recently had the privilege of talking to Jade about ShadowhuntersThat’s My DJ, and the multitude of hobbies he has picked up over the course of his career.

We’re always hoping to see more of Meliorn on Shadowhunters! What can we expect from him in the last few episodes of season 2?

Hi! Thanks for saying that. It makes me happy and I feel it too! I love that nature creature. We can expect him to back up his Queen! You’ll find him here and there… that’s all I can say right now.

This season of Shadowhunters has kind of been a huge metaphor for the current political climate in the US. What do you think young people can learn from the show that could be applied to the real world?

I think they’ll learn that if we come together as the new generation of beings that want to unite to thrive together and realize that our differences (difference in powers ie: warlock, seelie, vamp, werewolf, shadowhunter) is what makes us stronger. Different is good, new is good, and we should celebrate that.

Since day 1, Shadowhunters has been making an effort to cast a lot of people of colour, both in major and recurring roles. What does that mean to you, as a Lebanese-born actor?

It means that finally we see beyond the cover. In the real world there are people of all colors in all situations, jobs, places, etc. I can be Lebanese and play something that isn’t about the way I look; I’m a human having a human experience, no matter the color of my earth-space-suit.

Let’s talk about That’s My DJ. Can you give us a quick rundown of the show?

Yes! It’s three seasons of a web series. Each season follows a different main character and they all intertwine. Kind of like the UK show ‘Skins’. We just released the newest season where I play Sam who is a young professional music producer and DJ trying to find the balance between work and play. Finding a way to believe in himself and pick himself up when all seems messed up. It’s a very inspiring show. The third season goes to a dark place. It’s the best work I’ve done so far in my acting career. People can watch it on Youtube in about 34 minutes total! Check it out!

I understand you’re set to have a major role in season 3. How exciting is it to get to play a main character?

It’s a dream. It feels right. It was my first experience as a lead in a series and I couldn’t have asked for a better first time. When you are number 1 on the call sheet, you have a responsibility to set the tone for the whole set, and I had the best time loving and appreciating everyone around me. It was easy when they are all so inspiring and talented. I adore them.

How has the experience of working on That’s My DJ differed from Shadowhunters?

It’s a lot more intimate and you have time to let creativity be the guiding force. On a big set, time is usually money and things go fast! We went fast with That’s My DJ too but there were way less moving parts. They are equally fun and satisfying, but they are very contrasting experiences.

I noticed you’ve mostly worked in Canada throughout your career. Do you plan on staying here or are you hoping to move to the US eventually?

I will go where I am called. Thanks to Shadowhunters I’ve started going to LA a lot, and I fell in love with it. If I ever start shooting there, that will be the time to move. I love Canada though! It’s a very chill place.

Do you have any advice for young artists hoping to make a living in Canada?

Yes. Whatever you love, do not stop doing it or practicing it. Find every excuse to do your art. One thing will lead to another, you will be guided and next thing you know you’ll be in the middle of it all and realize, “wow, it’s real”. Try meditating every day to find a quiet place; in that place is the source of your creative force, and start cultivating that space, making it the dominant aspect of your inspiration. You’ll see how it will all come together.

You’ve done a bit of everything throughout your career: acting, music, dance, fashion, comic books, even video games. How do you manage all that?

Nice question! I meditate! It’s so important to always come back to a balanced place within yourself. I used to worry about trying to do it all. There are so many projects pending in my mind. But I know when the time is right, they will pour out of me.

Is there another hobby that you’d like to pursue but haven’t yet?

I’ve started bouldering (indoor rock climbing with no ropes) and found that I’m obsessed with it. Something I’ve always wanted to explore is surfing or scuba diving! I love the ocean!

Shadowhunters airs Mondays at 8pm on Freeform. You can watch That’s My DJ online at thatsmydjseries.com.

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