15 WTF Moments from ‘Wynonna Earp’s “I See A Darkness”

Wynonna Earp‘s “I See Darkness” delivered a punch to the solar plexus before playing some really emotional music and watching the characters I know and love suffer because of the demons in Purgatory. And since I have too many feels and cannot coherently express my feelings in a single review, here’s 15 WTF Moments from Wynonna Earp‘s “I See A Darkness.”

1. The team works against Wynonna

Wynonna doesn’t love easy. It takes time, trust, and a lot of patience. And for a while Wynonna felt comfortable with the people around her and let her walls down. Then this happened. Being betrayed by her own sister and family (the rest of her friends that are practically family) feels like a slap in the face or the other shoe dropping, that people like her always wait for but that she’d given up because she thought she was safe. Now her walls are going to go right up unless…Wynonna understands that Waverly was put in a different position. This show really likes doing the opposite of what I expect.

2. Waverly gives the last seal up

Love complicates things, always has and always will. That’s why Waverly ran off from Wynonna when she asked what Waverly did. Because she loves Wynonna and didn’t want to betray her, but she also loves Nicole and didn’t want to risk losing her when they could fight another day together if they saved her. At the end of the day it’s a life lesson for Waverly. Love complicates things and you must accept the consequences, no matter what they are.

3. Wynonna has disappeared from existence

Here’s that consequence I was talking about. Waverly chose to save Nicole by making a bargain and this is the consequence. Both women have changed so much at each other’s side and I’m excited and horrified at the prospect of who they will be without one another. Also, where did Wynonna go? Did she just blip out of existence? Are we going to have a Melanie free episode? I hope not! I need my Melanie fix and I need it now! (Well not now. But I need it next Friday.

4. Nicole is married

Now there are secrets, little white lies or fibs that you tell your loved one when they ask if they look ok after spending 3 days coughing and sniffling like crazy. Then there’s Nicole’s lie or omission. Marriages are life changing occurrences with tons of legal paperwork that could throw your loved one for look, like it did Waverly, when your wife is the next of kin on hospital forms. Maybe Nicole was scared to tell Waverly after the reaction she got from her over her DNA results. But it was still the wrong move and they’re definitely going to have to talk about it.


5. Everyone’s back in their old threads

As soon as it happened I noticed. In a split second they were no longer the people we know but the people we knew. And we could tell instantly by the clothes they were wearing and Dolls generally gloomy disposition. But I’m concerned about Jeremy. If the disappearance of Wynonna changed their clothes and their personalities…then why is he still there? Wouldn’t he have disappeared as well if they weren’t involved with Black Badge or the Earp curse. I love Jeremy so we need to solve this post haste.

6. Doc is back in the well

Out of all the most horrifying fates, this is the one for Doc. Figures that just as soon as he gives Wynonna his ring and his immortality, he gets sent to his own personal hell. From next week’s trailer we know he gets out, but this is going to reignite some of the feelings and behaviors he had in season one, which I didn’t particularly like. Doc remains the same man but he’s softened in many aspects. It would be a shame to see the man he’s become, weighed down by the man he was.

7. The Sheriff doesn’t break when tortured

Don’t get me wrong, I still hate the Sheriff. I remember season one and he just continues to rub me the wrong way with the way he talks to Wynonna and his general demeanor. Keeping that in mind, I’M SO PROUD OF HIM! He sassed that demon wife and didn’t back down at all. I know that he would’ve been willing to die for, not just Wynonna, but the people of this town. That’s a hero there. A hero I dislike. But a hero nonetheless.

8. Waverly gives up Rosita’s secret

Last week I was sure that Waverly wouldn’t give up Rosita’s secret. That flew right out the window in this episode. Waverly blurted out her friends secret in a desperate moment where she was trying to find a solution for her girlfriend. Still doesn’t mean it was right to out her like that and put her on Wynonna’s radar. Those two are going to need a talk ASAP!

9. Nicole begs Wynonna to pull the plug if need be

These two characters have just started to really get to know each other as people and not just ‘Waverly’s girlfriend’ and ‘Waverly’s sister’. Their bond is fresh. So that’s why I was so surprised when Nicole asked Wynonna for this. Or maybe I should’ve have been. Nicole doesn’t know Wynonna well, but what she does know is that Wynonna will make the hard decisions when others won’t. And she’s right about Waverly. If Wynonna did it, she’d forgive her sister sooner than anyone else.  


10. Iron Witch comes and gets her revenge

In a town so small I don’t understand how they didn’t know that the Iron Witch had a twin sister. Also, love makes you stupid and desperate sometimes. That’s why I’m going to forgive Waverly for this ridiculous strategy that will teach her a lesson about life and the deals you make to keep it the way you want.

11. A plate…is going to save them

I love how the weapon of destruction that will save them all is disguised as a plate. Best way to throw someone off from your super secret piece of awesome that’s going to save the day. I also really like how Ewan just had it in his back seat as if he were waiting for Dolls. Or it’s so damn valuable that he wouldn’t leave it at the fire station. But then again, why did he give it up so easy?

12. Wynonna promises Rosita to kill her last

As usual, I expected one thing from Wynonna Earp and they did the exact opposite. I expected Wynonna to hold onto this little tidbit of information until they really needed. I didn’t take into account that they really needed it now and then for Nicole. Rosita has become a welcoming and familiar face on Wynonna Earp and I’m hoping that something happens to stop her inevitable death. A girl can hope, right?

13. Doc and Wynonna teasing about getting the latter pregnant

I thought…Doc was with Rosita. The banter is always appreciated on this show, but this felt like they went a little too far. This combined with the faux looking proposal from the previous episode, feels like a tease to Wynonna/Doc fans to keep them sated. We see through you!

14. Shae isn’t a jealous cliche

Nicole’s wife didn’t come in and stake her claim. She stayed to help, looked through every option she knew about, and spoke with kindness to Waverly. She made sure that Waverly knew how much Nicole cared for her and assured her that what they had in the past. She wasn’t meant to be a wrecking ball to what Wayhaught has. Shae was an independent character on her own and a great example on how other shows can utilize characters without falling into the same old tricks.)

15. Waverly throws it down and fights

I’ve never been prouder of Waverly in my life. She came in and fought tooth and nail for her “baby”. This was life or death and she knew who was going to die, and it wasn’t her or Nicole. Seeing her fight like this is going to be highlighted in the next episode when we see a Waverly who never had her life changed by the return of Wynonna or her existence at all.  


Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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