‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 2 Finale: I Hope You Dance

Wynonna Earp‘s season 2 finale, “I Hope You Dance,” ended with an actual Earp birth, two sisters united, allies turned rivals, and the first glimpse at the Earp matriarch. The curse isn’t broken, there’s still a shit load of revenants, and we’ve got no idea where Black Badge is or what they’re up to. But somehow our mismatched little family has come out stronger and more badass than before. They’re more sure of who they are, their abilities, and who they can count on when things get hard or ‘taco’s are tasty.’

So without further ado, let’s talk Wynonna Earp‘s season 2 finale!

Saying Goodbye to Alice

It only took but a couple moments for Wynonna to be changed completely by a squirming bundle with ten toes, ten fingers, and the cutest little nose. Because let’s be clear about this. She didn’t ask for this. This wasn’t her choice. But from the moment she held her daughter she knew that she would never go back and she would repeat the same mistakes over and over to just get a chance with her daughter, the one good thing she ever created in this world.

What comes next is a tougher, determined, and more focused Wynonna with one goal in mind – ending the Earp curse. Before she was driven by a selfish desire to escape the hell that she was in and protect her sister, without an actual vision of what her future would be after everything was done in Purgatory.

Alice is her future. In her Wynonna sees an end to the shit stain that has become their lives – an opportunity to rebuild and make the world better for her. And Wynonna isn’t the only one. These people are family. Whatever comes next they will join Wynonna and fight harder than they’ve ever done before.

For her. For Alice. For their family.

Two Sisters United No Matter What

No matter what happens in Purgatory or what situation Wynonna and Waverly get put into, the show makes sure to remind us that this is a show about sisters. The love interest, demons, and shadowy organizations play a huge part in the show. But at the heart of it is the love these two sisters have for each other and the lengths they’re willing to go because of it.

The way that Wynonna handled talking to Waverly in every single scene of this episode was so mature and honest. Wynonna understands why Waverly did what she did for Nicole. If it came down to it Wynonna would do the same thing for Waverly, no questions asked. It doesn’t mean that she’s not allowed to be angry. Wynonna is angry at her sister.

The difference is that Wynonna is capable of forgiveness, especially when it comes to her sister. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t blood. They are sisters and Wynonna will always try and work harder to give her the benefit of the doubt.

The talk they had in the meadow was especially real, painful, and the sort of moments that adults and ride or die people have with each other. Cuz these girls are ride or die. They’re are family and that means weird catch phrases, inappropriate humor, and fixing things when they are broken or cracked.

Rosita’s Move

Do I like what Rosita pulled with Waverly and Wynonna? No. But am I surprised by what she did? That’s a no, too. Rosita is a survivor. So this isn’t so much as Rosita turning evil all of a sudden. This is a person in a corner and out of options.

She felt like she was alone in Purgatory. The man that she was sleeping with and had feelings for, because we all know she was having romantic feelings for him, was having a child with the woman who threatened to kill her last. She felt alone and like the only people that she had gotten to know had hung her out to dry. Even Waverly, the one person she seemed to be connecting with and had a good time with, sold her out like it was nothing.

I think if any of us were in her shoes, we would have done the same thing. (Or something similar.) Trust takes a long time. And unfortunately jealousy, revealing secrets, and death threats, break that. And honestly, it makes you wonder why the team didn’t see this coming sooner and how they could have missed how they were treating her?

Rosita was the odd man out who never seemed to fit in. There might be a chance for redemption because Wynonna understands being scared and running. But I guess we won’t find that out until season 3!

Favorite Scene from Wynonna Earp‘s “I Hope You Dance”:

Leave it to Wynonna Earp to throw down a ship name during a serious moment. I love it and more shows should take lessons from this show!


Wynonna Earp has been renewed for a third season on Syfy.

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