5 Things We Want From ‘The Flash’ Season 4

In The Flash’s third season finale, we found ourselves nearly escaping the black hole that was the darkness of Season 3 after we learned that — by the grace of God — Iris West hadn’t been killed by Savitar. Just when things appeared to be on the rise, Barry Allen sacrificed himself to the Speed Force ultimately affecting the lives of everyone he loves — and the city that depends on The Flash.

As The Flash gears up for its fourth season — following an incredibly dark and uncharacteristic third season — we’re left with more questions than answers as we await Barry Allen’s return and see what the future holds for WestAllen, Cisco, Killer Frost, and our West men. Basically, we’re in the palm of your hands. So do us right.


Here are five things we want from The Flash’s fourth season:

1. A Lighter, More Flashy Tone

One of the brilliant things about The CW’s Arrowverse has been the distinct tones for each of the shows that define it. Arrow has been the darker show, Supergirl the hopeful show, Legends of Tomorrow the fun show, and The Flash has typically been the lighter show. And then there’s Season 3, which deviated from that completely. While The Flash’s third season had its moments, it didn’t really feel like The Flash we’ve known and love. It got too dark. Not that it’s not allowed to be dark, but The Flash got lost in that darkness, and I’m sure producers and actors would agree. So as we head into this fourth season, we’d like to see The Flash embrace what made it the best comic book show on television in its first season. That light, fun, family-oriented show that was all about the characters and less about the theatrical elements. But, luckily, it appears as if the producers learned something from last year’s Arrowesque Season 3, where the darkness was overwhelming and not at all fitting for The Flash’s foundation.

2. Redemption for Barry Allen

Perhaps the biggest issue we’ve had with The Flash since Season 2 has been how the show has, unknowingly, made Barry Allen into a villain. Season 3 was really where it hit the climax as Barry’s selfishness created an alternate universe that, even when “fixed,” left a permanent effect on everyone on The Flash and in the Arrowverse. But it wasn’t Barry messing up so much as it was that he never learned his lesson. He just acted selfishly again and again and again — all the while never learning his lesson from it. Just when it appeared as if Barry was lost for good, he had a small moment of redemption as he, willingly, gave himself over to the Speed Force. It was a great first step for redemption for Barry Allen. But it wasn’t the only thing that needs to happen. Barry needs to come out of this situation having learned that, as a hero, he doesn’t have the luxury of being led by his selfish tendencies. He has to be selfless. He has to understand that.

3. A WestAllen Wedding

This is an obvious one, but we are so ready — after a season of darkness — for Barry Allen and Iris West to tie the knot. After the two explored a romantic relationship in Season 3, it was through an everlasting love that they realized why prolong the future? We got not one, but two engagements only for our hearts to be shattered in the final moments of The Flash’s third season finale, where Barry gave himself over to the Speed Force. But good things come to those that wait. And we believe that a WestAllen wedding is certainly in the future. Though when that happens is the most important question. Because it’s now a matter of when not if. We’re ready to see these two navigate the world as a married couple, and all of the ups and downs that come with it. We’re in this for the long haul. We’re ready for Iris West-Allen. That’s right, she hyphenates.

4. Female Friendships

If there’s one thing that the DCTV universe really needs to do better with it’s capitalizing on the female dynamics throughout its universe. The Flash has so many amazing female characters, including Iris West and Caitlin Snow, and we never get to see the friendship potential or interaction. There’s plenty of focus on bromances, but what about the females? It’s not just men that watch these DCTV shows, you know. We want female friendships on THe FLash. On Arrow. On Legends of Tomorrow. On Supergirl (which is probably the only show that does this well). All the female friendships. With the announcement of a “Girls Night Out” episode this season, featuring Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards with Flash’s Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, and guest star Katee Sackhoff, here’s hoping this is more than a one-off and more of a permanent fixture not only on The Flash but throughout the Arrowverse.


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5. Iris West to Have a Storyline That’s Not Just Romance

Don’t get us wrong, we love WestAllen. We really, truly do. But we love Iris West as an individual. We watch this show for her just as much as we do for Barry and WestAllen. Iris West isn’t defined by Barry Allen, just like Barry Allen isn’t defined by Iris West. They’re two incredibly unique and passionate individuals that come together as one. It’s their definitive personalities as individuals that make them iconic when they’re together. We’ve seen Barry, plenty, as an individual. Rightfully so, as it’s his show. But Iris West is the leading female of this show, and her individual story is just as important. We’ve been teased for the past three years of Iris’ dive into investigative reporting. We’ve seen it in bits and pieces, but we’ve never truly gotten to explore that aspect of her. It usually comes back to being Barry’s love interest. And Iris is so much more than that. She deserves so much more than that. So we’d like to see Iris get a storyline in Season 4 where she’s not just the love interest. We want to see Iris West the individual. And being the badass she is, she deserves that.

The Flash season 4 premieres Monday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c on The CW.


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