5 Things We Want From Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow is just right around the corner and we here at Fangirlish could not be more excited. One of the most fun shows of last year, each episode always ended up putting a smile on our face at the end of it – whether it was set in prehistoric times or a Legion of Doom controlled world. Each character got their moment to shine, as we also witnessed Sara Lance become the leader she was born to be and the return of some familiar faces. So as the new season comes upon us in less than a month, here is 5 things we are wanting to see in this third season of Legends of Tomorrow.

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The biggest key to the success of season 2 in my opinion was Legends of Tomorrow’s ability to shift it’s tone from dark and grim in season 1 to fun and exciting story arcs. (Also helped the boring Hawks and Vandal Savage were not seen or heard from in season 2) Even the serious stuff, like Doomworld had its LOL moments (Drunk Mini Rip for example) that kept the show breezing along.

A key to season 3 will be keeping this going. Early indications look like it will as a fun trip to the circus is one of the early episodes planned. The DC/CW universe is dark and gritty enough, let Legends be a fun and lighthearted escape from that.

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Last season let us also see more of the individual friendships aboard the Waverider and it was a major plus for the show. Whether it was polar opposite/ oddball pairings like Ray/Mick or Amaya/Mick  or common interest pairings (Rip/Sara – leaders, Sara/Amaya-warriors and Nate/Ray-geeks), we got great character moments and growth thanks to these friendships in pretty much every episode. Hopefully season 3 will continue this trend and give us more insight and growth to these characters we love.

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One thing that season 2 failed at was giving the countless fans of the Captain Canary ship a interaction between Sara and Snart. It would have been so interesting to see how Sara would react to seeing Leonard again only this time as a full-fledged enemy. Alas. a wasted opportunity.

Except that once again Wentworth Miller is returning in a recurring role for season 3. This time around, the creative team behind Legends can’t let this chance pass. Have Sara and Snart confront each other and give the fans what they want. It’s been hinted Sara is to have a new love interest this season, but this is the ship fans root for on the show.

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When Rip Hunter returns for season 3, he is going to be heading up a new group known as The Time Bureau. Sounding like Time Cops, this could lead to some butting off heads between them and our team of Legends. While the occasional disagreement is fine, I’m really hoping it doesn’t lead to more than that. It gets so boring doing the “hero vs hero” trope so much that it would be different and interesting if Legends didn’t do this. Have Rip and his group be allies, and please don’t even think of turning them into the bad guys.


One of the hopes we have for season 3 is to return to some of the places we saw the Legends visit in seasons 1 and 2 . Some places I’d like to see the team go back to: King Arthur’s time to see how “Camelot 3000” is going with Stargirl still there, or a trip back into the 50’s to visit Sara’s love interest from that season 1 episode. And you can never, ever go wrong with another trip to the 70’s and 80’s!!

So these are just a few of the things we are hoping for in season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow. Thankfully, the season 3 premiere is only a few weeks away! So let us know in the comments what you would like to see this season!

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its season 3 premiere on the CW at 9 pm on October 10th.

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