‘Outlander’ 3×11 Review/Recap: “Uncharted”

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Can I just take a moment to bow down to the incredible Caitriona Balfe?! Because this episode of Outlander was carried on her back and swiftly became one of my favorite episodes this season. The last episode ended with Claire jumping off the ship in hopes of warning Jamie in Jamaica about Harry and his impending arrest. Outlander delivers an impeccable episode with Caitriona Balfe taking charge in “Uncharted.”

As Claire wanders through the jungles of an unknown island, Balfe’s acting range is on full display. Only a truly remarkable actress can command an episode with very little dialogue in the first fifteen minutes, but Balfe is just the kind of actress to do just that. Without uttering a word, except for some voice over, Balfe showcases Claire’s struggle to be reunited with Jamie. It’s incredible what Balfe can accomplish, coupled with the stunning South African landscape that sets the scene for this incredible journey.

Eventually, without enough food and water, Claire succumbs and passes out. She’s found by Father Fogden, a mysterious priest who lives on the island. He’s an interesting character, one who talks to a coconut for comfort. With time running out, Claire rests up and eventually must find a way to make passage to Jamaica. Of course, nothing is ever easy and there are a few hurdles, namely Father Fogden refusing to help Claire reach town.

Who would’ve thought that a goat would save Claire, but here we are. When one of Father Fogden’s goats is skinned and eaten by a “China Man,” Claire knows it has to be Mr. Willoughby. Claire races through the jungle, cutting herself a long the way, to try to reach the beach, where it turns out the Artemis crew is as they fix a broken mast. As Jamie, Fergus, Marsali and the rest of the crew board the ship it appears that time has run out for Claire and Jamie to find each other. But, Claire uses a mirror to get Jamie’s attention and what ensues is probably one of the most romantic reunions ever.


Jamie rows to shore and reunites with Claire in a moment that literally took my breathe away. OMG Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have so much chemistry in this moment that it hurts. Jamie and Claire defy the odds once again and reunite. God bless!

The rest of the episode deals with Claire’s return to Jamie, Fergus, Marsali and the Artemis crew. Jamie tells Claire that he gave Fergus permission to marry Marsali because he sees that their love is a lot like his and Claire’s. Meanwhile, Claire fills Jamie in on her adventures. Jamie decides in order to boost morale that a wedding should be held. So Claire calls on Father Fogden and Fergus and Marsali get married.


Claire and Marsali have an adorable moment before the wedding as Marsali starts to realize Claire might not be so bad after all. It’s a great moment that forshadows a growing relationship between the two. Then comes the wedding and an iconic moment for Outlander. When Father Fogden asks for Fergus’s surname and he doesn’t give one, Jamie speaks up and tells Father Fogden that his full name is “Fergus Claudel Fraser.” It’s a completely full circle moment as Fergus officially becomes Jamie and Claire’s son. It’s a great moment that completely encompasses the relationship between Jamie and Fergus and how far it’s come since Jamie met the small pick-pocketer on the streets of Paris. César Domboy and Sam Heughan play this important moment perfectly!

Up next is a moment I’ve been waiting a long time for: TURTLE SOUP. If you ever wanted to see Caitriona Balfe in the height of being adorable, this is it. Once they get back on The Artemis, Claire eats almost an entire pot of Mr. Willoughby’s Turtle Soup, which has an entire bottle of sherry as an ingredient. Drunk Claire I think might be my favorite Claire this season. Watching Jamie chase around Claire, try and give her penicillin and then seeing his face when she tells him to “bolt the door,” is remarkable.

This episode of Outlander brings together some iconic moments from Voyager and it’s perfectly executed by Balfe, Heughan, Domboy, and Lauren Lyle. With only two episodes left of the season, Outlander has delivered a near perfect season and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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