‘Supergirl’ 3×07: “Wake Up” Roundtable

We’re back with another Supergirl roundtable! Just in time for Mon-El’s grand and emotional return, which brought all the angst and all the questions. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t heartbroken. But then again, this is the kind of angst we believe we’re ready for.

Our Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lizzie, Lyra, Lacey, Sarah and Kayla, and our favorite guest, Funmbi, from We So Nerdy, are breaking down the seventh episode of Supergirl. Here we go!


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Describe your thoughts about “Wake Up” using just six words.

Alyssa: Bring on that good ol’ angst!

Lizzie: I have so many questions now.

Lyra: Remember how Alias went down, people?

Lacey: My adorable space puppy is back!

Kayla: Chris Wood is back on Supergirl.

Sarah: What in the world just happened?

Funmbi: Why can’t we have nice things?

Describe your feelings about “Wake Up” using a gif.






Sarah: Image result

Funmbi: Sad Season 1 GIF by The White Princess

After months of mourning we saw Kara reunite with Mon-El, the thing she wanted most. What do you think was going through her mind? Why did she automatically assume they would be together? What will his return mean for her journey and the time she spent mourning him?

Alyssa: I feel like Kara felt like everything would be right in her world again. That she’d feel whole again. That the emotional struggles were behind her. But more than that I feel like she was happy. Last season, Kara felt like she could have it all: be Supergirl and Kara Danvers, boyfriend included. It was as if she felt like she could have it all again. But obviously that’s not how it played out.

Kara assumed that things would pick up where they left off because she had no way to know that it hadn’t been 7 months for both of them. Kara’s belief in their love and their connection — combined with the assumption that it was the same length absence for both of them — made it easy for her to believe things would just fall back into place. Kind of like she wanted that classic happily ever after.

There’s no doubt that Mon-El’s return — and the way he returned after 7 years — will affect Kara moving forward this season. In no way does Mon-El’s return or the fact that he’s married to Imra diminish the time Kara spent mourning him. I feel like his return will force Kara to examine herself as an individual — an individual that’s not defined by the superhero persona or another person. But that doesn’t mean that Kara won’t eventually find her way back to Mon-El or that being with Mon-El diminishes her strength as an individual. I feel like this is certainly adversity that Kara is going to confront and grow as a result.

Lizzie: Grief can sometimes blind us to reality. Kara thought Mon-El’s return meant they’d be together, because during all those months of grief, that’s what Kara wanted. Mon-El wasn’t dead, but effectively, for Kara, he was. He was never coming back. And when he miraculously returned, for Kara, that fixed everything. She never stopped to think about what he went through or how he might have changed, because grief is very personal and sometimes it blinds us to what other people are going through.

Of course, his return means that now Kara has to face not just the fact that the life she thought she was supposed to live and the love she thought she had might be gone, but the notion that the sadness she felt was for nothing. Hopefully, Kara can realize that her journey is about her, and the lessons she learned are important, with or without Mon-El. This is about Kara Danvers, and her growth.

Lyra: In Kara’s mind, time and distance was the only thing separating her from Mon-El. Now that it’s gone there was nothing to stop them from being together. Never did she fathom that so much time would’ve passed or that he had moved on because she was still mourning him. The shock of knowing that he’s married is going to make her finally move on from him and start to redefine their friendship and what he means to her. The time she spent mourning him can never be erased. But she can look at it as a phase in her life and something that was necessary for her to be where she is now, a woman with the strength to overcome and live through loss and pain.

Lacey: Gah! That moment…it honestly took my breathe away! There was a look of pure shock and disbelief on her face, like she didn’t believe he was truly standing in front of her. And my poor space puppy looked so incredibly broken but relieved at the same time to see her. My heart hurts just thinking about that scene! The way she touched his face, the way she held him to her. I just can’t handle it! Like Kara, I would have assumed we’d be together too. Here is this man that she has mourned over for the last 7 months of her life. Dreaming of him and worrying and wondering where he went. Like the producers and many of the cast mates have said, Mon-El is the love of Kara’s life so it’s completely expected that she’d want to go back to how things were.

As for what I think his return means for Kara’s journey, I have many theories which I’ll share later in this roundtable.

Kayla: When she first sees him, she’s extremely happy. Relieved. She missed him more than she has anything else. Letting him go was one of the hardest things she ever had to do. She emotionally shut down for 6 months.

Kara had no clue where he went, what he was up to, or how long he was gone. She just knew the man she let go loved her with all he had. So, upon seeing him again she thought they could pick up where they left off. If there’s anything Kara’s ever wanted more than anything, it’s a man that loves all the sides of her. That man was Mon-El. She wants Mon-El and only Mon-El. That’s been made vividly clear by the writing, the whole cast and producers.

His return was rocky. He’s been gone 7 years. He’s apparently gotten married. He’s moved on. Changed. Kara’s heart was shattered again. I fear she’s going to emotionally shut down again. It isn’t going to be pretty and she’s not even going to be able to look at the man she loves (or is it once loved now). I doubt she’ll trust so easily again.

Sarah: Initially I imagine she was half shocked, and happy in a dazed “is this really happening, is he really here” way. I certainly would have been. When someone you love has been separated from you, and not by choice it’s hard to imagine that anything but wanting to be together when reunited would be the outcome. I can’t blame Kara for assuming, after everything she went through the past seven months and the wake up call that followed was very hard to watch.

His return was heart wrenching, and for Kara it’s going to take time, and soul searching to reconcile the past seven months with the reality in front of her now. What’s important I think is she needs to trust herself, and that everything no matter how painful and senseless it might seem does happen for a reason. At the end of the day, as much as she loves him, and what they had doesn’t take away everything she went through, and her journey ultimately is what’s most important.

Funmbi: I think back to the first episode of this season, where Kara has essentially numbed herself so she wouldn’t have to deal with the grief of losing Mon-El. That is the depth of the love that she has for him. And even in the following episodes, we see that Kara isn’t necessarily back to her happy go-lucky self. She’s willing to be there for Alex and her friends when they need her and continue to save National City from villains great and small. But the hole in her heart from losing Mon-El is still there. So when Kara arrives on that ship and sees Mon-El standing there… goodness, it seems like it’s the first time we’ve seen her take a full breath in so long. She has to be shocked, but so relieved too. And given the depth of their love, I don’t think Kara doubted that she and Mon-El would be together again. This is certainly where my mind goes to. But because we can’t have nice things, Supergirl’s writers have thrown a crazy-ridiculous monkey wrench into all my Karamel plans. *SIGH* I truly don’t know where Kara goes from here. Are we sure Mon-El is sticking around? Because it would break my heart all over again to watch Kara have Mon-El around, but not able to truly have him in her life. I don’t even know…

Should Mon-El have been upfront about everything that happened to him as soon as he woke up? Do you think he cheated on Kara? What would you do in his shoes?

Alyssa: To be honest, I don’t think Mon-El was given the space to be upfront about everything that happened. Everything just transpired so quickly. But I also feel like Mon-El was trying to protect Kara, first and foremost. He knows she doesn’t necessarily need protection, but that doesn’t change his desire to want to keep her from pain — especially when he knows he’s the source of that pain, however unintentional it was given the circumstances.

Did Mon-El cheat on Kara? Um, no. Though a lot of haters will lunge on that as their first line of defense. Mon-El was gone for 7 years. SEVEN YEARS. That’s 84 MONTHS. And he was in a different time where he believed he’d never see Kara again. What was Mon-El supposed to do? Shut himself off forever? That’s not what Kara would’ve wanted. Just like he wouldn’t want that for Kara either. Mon-El moving on does not take away from the love that these two characters still clearly share. Mon-El moving on does not make him a bad person. Mon-El moving on does not mean he doesn’t still care about Kara. The fact that he still wears her necklace around his neck after SEVEN YEARS is proof of that.

The thing is, there’s still so much we do not know. There are so many questions surrounding the 7 years Mon-El was away and the Legion, which are sure to be revealed in time. Seven years is a long time. How long did it take Mon-El to finally decide to move on because he knew it’s what Kara would’ve wanted? We’ve seen Kara take a good 6 months before she made the first step to move on with this acceptance that Mon-El was gone. There’s so much we don’t know about what happened to Mon-El or what he saw that it’s unfair to judge — even if it wasn’t right, which it is. He’s allowed to move on. There’s strength in moving on and not holding on to false hope for eternity.

Lizzie: Yes. No. And who the hell knows? He should have been upfront, everyone should probably always be upfront, but this is TV and writers aren’t really original so deceit is how they advance story-lines. Stupid, I know, but here we go. Mon-El was never gonna be upfront cause drama! And also probably cause he’s trying to protect Kara, because, again, TV, and people making decisions for other people.

As for the cheating on Kara, no. Just – no. It’s been 7 years. He had no way that he knew of to get back to her. He moved on, and that’s good. If I died I wouldn’t want my boyfriend to be alone for the rest of his life. That’s selfish.

What would I have done? I really don’t know, probably be honest, because in real life people don’t do the shit they do on TV. Now, if someone could tell the CW writers all of this!

Lyra: From the very start you could tell that Mon-el was struggling with something. He wanted to tell her but how in the hell do you tell someone like Kara Goober Sanvers that is so happy to see you, that you’re married and that seven years have passed? It’s near impossible without being blunt as hell and hurting Kara’s feelings, which he doesn’t want to do because contrary to popular belief you can still care for someone after you break up. I know, crazy. He didn’t cheat on Kara and if the tables were turned and Kara was the one married, it wouldn’t be cheating either. Was Mon-El supposed to keep his heart on lockdown until he found a way to get back to Kara? Even if it took seven years? Again, if the roles were reversed and Kara was in his shoes, we wouldn’t expect her to wait.

Lacey: Mon-El has clearly been to the future and as every great time travel show or movie has taught us, one is never supposed to reveal too much about the future they’ve seen (except Barry of course, gawd love him LOL). I truly feel that Mon-El was trying to protect Kara and I don’t think it was from Imra and that whole debacle, I think he was trying to protect her from the truth of how long and where he had been. It was clear during the scene when he was in the cell and Kara was heartbreakingly pouring out her soul to him that all he wanted to do was run to her and comfort her. I think he is keeping his distance because he has seen her death (possibly even held her as she died because I’m a friggin glutton for angst and punishment so my head thinks up this painful shit) in the future by the hands of Reign and he and the Legion have come back to not only prevent that from happening but also from Reign taking over.

As we saw last season, Kara has always been number one for Mon-El. He’s never loved someone like he loves her, ever. He always has her best interest at heart and as James said, he would never hurt her. And yes, he’s currently hurting her but I truly believe it’s because it will save her in the end. I don’t think he cheated at all. Like he said to Kara on the balcony, he thought he would never see her again (cause she died). This man has lived the last 7 years without the love of his life. He kept the necklace she gave him, her prized possession, around his neck for those 7 years, clinging to it like it’s his lifeline. That man is broken but best believe he is still totally and completely in love with the Girl of Steel.

Also, where the hell is Mon-El’s suit? Like for real, let’s get that shit revealed already!

Kayla: Mon-El has always had an issue with being upfront about things. Remember him lying about being the crown prince of Daxam? That shattered Kara too. She eventually forgave him but it wasn’t easy.

But he tells Winn he didn’t want to hurt Kara, which I admire of him. He still cares for her some, if not still loves her – he does wear her necklace.

He tried to fend off her kisses when he was in the DEO med bay, so it’s not like he was lying. But you can tell he missed her dearly and it may have been why he accepted her kisses and fell asleep.

I don’t think he cheated. No. It was seven years, but I also think that something is very fishy about this. If I were his wife, I’d be pissed that my husband is wearing a necklace from his former girlfriend given to him to keep him safe. It’s like a slap in the face. And with his wife being a telepath, she knows his true emotions. She knows deep inside where Mon-El’s true feelings lie.

But my true question lies in how long did it take him to move on? Cause I really hope he got time to mourn Kara properly. And Imra, his wife is normally married to Lightning Lad, so did something happen to him? Is this a marriage of convenience due to loss of both’s true love’s? Or is it real?

To me it was quite rude how Mon-El introduced her, and inconsiderate to Kara, knowing what he knew of her feelings for him and the fact that it had only been 7 months.

I’ve defended Mon-El multiple times, but this is one time, I’m unable to do so without more information. I find this plot ruins his character and they really needed to make him more likeable. This wasn’t the route to go.

I still love my ship, but Mon-El, honey, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do. Also, how are he and Kara gonna truly reunite with him married? The show has made it clear that this couple is endgame, so how do we get through this angst to the other side?

If I were him, I don’t know what I would’ve done, but it would’ve been better than what happened. I would’ve done it in a way that wasn’t so inconsiderate of Kara’s feelings.

Sarah: Honestly, I don’t know what the right choice was in that situation. I imagine after seven years in the future Mon El, and by his own admittance thought he’d never see Kara again he didn’t have a plan let alone a quick explanation for what happened to him. I don’t think he cheated, but he did what anyone would do when they think they’ll never see a loved one again, he moved on. It’s not dishonorable of him to have made that choice after a number of years, and I’m sure he believed that Kara would have wanted him to live his life whether he was with her or not.

I do think he should have been honest about his wife in a tactful way and not in a kiss her passionately in front Kara way, ugh that was just drama for the sake of it. Do better Supergirl writers for lords sake.

Funmbi: When Kara walks onto that ship, I imagine that Mon-El is pretty shocked too. Of course Team Supergirl’s/DEO’s first priority is to make sure Mon-El is physically OK, but even as they’re running all those tests, you can tell that he wants to say something to. But he agrees rest up and remains quiet. It’s only later that it becomes clear to Kara that Mon-El isn’t himself (as she knew him), then little by little, it all comes out. I mean, I hate that Kara is hurt by learning Mon-El is married, but I don’t know that he should have been totally upfront. When would have been a good time? Should he have blurted it when Kara initially hugged him? Or when Kara was pouring her heart out about not being able to sleep for the last seven months? I don’t know… but what I am sure of is that Mon-El didn’t cheat. He’s been in the 31st century for the last seven years and didn’t think he’d ever see Kara again. So Mon-El honors his love for her and remembers it, but he also tries to move on and live a meaningful life. I don’t think Kara would ever begrudge him that.

After being banished from Earth, falling into a wormhole, and 6 episodes of mourning for Kara and us, Mon-El is finally back. Use a gif to describe your feelings.






Sarah: Image result

Funmbi: Happy Very Funny GIF by Disney Zootopia

Mon-El’s married! *pretends to be shocked* Speculate on what happens next for Kara, Mon-El, Saturn Girl, and the future of Karamel.

Alyssa: The one thing that was made abundantly clear after this episode is that this is going to be a season-long journey. This isn’t a storyline that’s going to be neatly tied with a pretty bow. This is going to a storyline that will last throughout the season as we see obstacles thrown in the way of Kara and Mon-El’s relationship. And while, yes, it’s going to be hard and it’s going to hurt, it’s going to be worth it. This is the stuff of endgame, folks. No one wants to watch a happy couple with no obstacles. Scratch that, no writers room wants to write a happy couple with no obstacles. This is the good kind of angst. The angst that keeps a fanbase invested and speculating throughout the entire season. This is the kind of stuff you see from your endgame couples. And that’s good news. Well, good news for Karamel fans.

The writers have done their jobs with the setup. They introduced a seemingly insurmountable obstacle in the form of Mon-El being married to Imra, and yet they have left room for this storyline to unwind as you clearly see that Kara and Mon-El both still love each other. I don’t know how this will inevitably play out — whether it’s Mon-El and Imra’s marriage is a Legion thing or what not — but I do have faith that things will play out. But I hope that this will also serve as growing experiences for both Kara and Mon-El.

I’m a firm believer that you should trust the journey. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hopeless it seems. Trust the journey.

Lizzie: What Lyra said. No, really, what Lyra said. I really don’t want Saturn Girl to die and I REALLY don’t want a stupid love triangle with anyone cheating on anyone. That we had to get a semi love triangle to begin with is stupid, but I sorta hope they deal with it the adult way. And that they don’t rush anything.

Lyra: Kara and Mon-el become buddies. Kara finds out that Saturn Girl is cool beans and totally #1 member of Supergirl fanclub. (How could she not be with the way she looked at Kara when she first met her.) They all work as buddies and save the city as buddies. But wait…one of the writers realizes that they have to get rid of Saturn Girl to get the Karamel train going again. Damn, but we love Saturn Girl and everyone’s homies! BOOM! Then comes along Reign. She puts Kara or Mon-El in a position where they save each other and Saturn Girl gets bumped down to second level of caring. She’s like, “What the hell? I thought we were homies?!” Kara would reply, “We are!” Long story short, Saturn Girl is like, “Mon-El, I love you. But I ain’t playing second fiddle. I knew you were never over her and I made my peace with it. I got important shit to do in the future. You wanna come?” He says no and stays. Kara and Mon-El do NOT get together. Not yet. Saturn Girl was there homie. Their feelings for each other are real but they still homies and feel guilty about still caring for each other. They work on being friends once more and get to know each other on a deeper level before BOOOOOOOOM. KISS. HAPPY KARAMEL.

Lacey: Like I said earlier, I think Mon-El is pushing Kara away because he feels it’s the only way to protect her. I personally don’t think this marriage is real. I think it’s all part of the Legion’s grand plan. Am I dying right now? Is my Karamel heart completely shattered? Well, does a bear shit in the woods? Fuck yes I’m broken but there is no one that can convince me that Karamel isn’t endgame. We’ve had so much foreshadowing all throughout season 2 and all of the interviews at SDCC, etc. The necklace alone is a huge sign for me that this separation is only temporary. It’s going to be a looooooong painful road but it’s going to be worth it.

Every couple I’ve ever shipped has had struggles and were torn apart along the way but that’s what makes their reunion that much better because they come out on the other side even stronger than they were before. And let’s be real, even if Mon-El is currently with someone else (bleh), the chemistry between Melissa and Chris will always shine through and that is what makes this couple so special.

Kayla: I have no clue how they are going to fix this mess. The chemistry between Chris and Melissa is what makes Karamel work. These two actors are the reason the ship worked. Nothing more.

How can Kara forgive him this time? He’s shattered her heart again. This time the damage might be irreparable.

Will Imra tell Mon-El that she knows he still loves Kara and that she knows he’s not truly happy with her? Will she break off the marriage and tell him to work things out with Kara? How is this going to go? How are the writers going to give Karamel their endgame that they so desperately deserve?

This show is not the same without Chris Wood, but it is definitely not the same without the sizzling chemistry between Melissa and Chris and the Karamel relationship. Fix this, writers! And fix Mon-El’s development while you are at it. This has nothing to do with Chris, I love him dearly. He’s just doing his job. He deserves better than this shitty plot line you gave him.

If they keep Karamel apart too long, Supergirl may lose it’s loyal fan base. The general viewers and the loyal Karamel shippers will eventually be tired of the angst and drop the show until they know that Karamel has been reunited with each other with the reunion they truly deserved.

And I can promise you, writers, many people who don’t get Arrowverse writing, didn’t see this coming and are extremely mad at you about this.

Sarah: Can I cross my fingers and pray it isn’t in a “turn into a ridiculous drama for drama’s sake love triangle” way? There are ways to turn this story around on it’s head, where Saturn girl isn’t the other woman/evil bitch TV has a habit of creating in. I for one, would like Mon El to get a smack upside the head, several times. Kara I would love for her and Mon El to sit down and actually talk about what happened to both of them while they were separated, be honest please. Saturn Girl, please do not be an evil bitch, since I’d like to root for you as a character and feel bad that no matter how much you matter to Mon El he still loves Kara plain as day even if he’s shoving it down deep, and trying to “protect her.” Mon El I’ve missed you, but Kara didn’t need protecting before like this, and she doesn’t now.

More than anything I hope Karamel find their way back to each other, and it’s not a convoluted mess.

Funmbi: Mon-El is married and this is no marriage of convenience. He’s desperate to get back to that ship to save Imra and the other passengers. I mentioned this earlier, but are we 100% sure that Mon-El is sticking around? Are all those people from Titan? How did they end up on that ship under water? I have so many questions… but Mon-El is in love with his wife and Imra seems like she’s keen to join Team Supergirl. *SIGH* Kara is a classy girl, so I don’t anticipate seeing her try to drive a wedge between Mon-El and Imra. But this is going to be all sorts of awkward. Is Imra really as kind as the initial meeting leads us to believe? Has Mon-El told Imra about his romantic relationship with Kara? Are “yes” responses to these question better or worse than “no”? I don’t know how Karamel survives this. I agree with the other contributors who have said they don’t Imra to be killed off. But Karamel is also my endgame and I need the Supergirl writers to do right by them!

Amy Jackson is a British actress that made it big in Bollywood despite not being Indian. Do you find her casting problematic? What does it say about the Supergirl writers room, especially after having Floriana Lima, an Italian actress, play a Latina?

Alyssa: Considering everything that happened with Floriana Lima’s casting, I do find Amy Jackson’s casting problematic. While the situation is a bit different from Lima’s — in that, for Supergirl, she was an Italian cast to play a Latina — it’s still the situation that leaves me feeling uneasy. I don’t know what Saturn Girl is supposed to look like, but representation in both race and moral stature is important. Supergirl has to know better than this.

Lizzie: Dude, Supergirl, hire some diverse people to your writers room so someone can actually say BAD IDEA NO, WHY YOU HIRING THIS PROBLEMATIC ACTRESS or HEY DON’T HIRE A NON-LATINX ACTRESS TO PLAY A LATINA. Diversity is good. I promise. In fact, I’m sure a more diverse writers room would have also helped with the whole HEY, LET’S TELL A STORY ABOUT NAZIS shit.

So, I have no problem with Saturn Girl. I do have problems with Amy Jackson, and I believe that it’s more than fair to criticize her.

Lyra: As far as I can tell, Amy Jackson’s Saturn Girl isn’t Indian when she was cast. If she was meant to be, hit me up with that information. That being said, this actress is known for taking roles from Indians and pretending to be Indian for money and screen time. Hell, the first time she appeared in an Indian film she didn’t even know the language and they picked her out online as easy as you would buy biscuits on Amazon. (Biscuits are amazing. You know it. I know it. He, she, we, knows it.) After the Floriana Lima casting I would think that Supergirl would stay away from such actresses because it’s a problematic standard that does not need to be perpetuated anymore. Apparently I was wrong and had too much faith in Supergirl. Amy Jackson might look like representation (woooo a brown girl on TV. I bet whoever hired her is patting themselves on the back for that one) but she’s not representation. She’s a white/British actress. Hire some ACTUAL POC. Come on, I’m waiting. And believe it or not, POC watch your show and want to see themselves represented on screen by people that have more than a tan.

Kayla: I find this to probably be the worst casting Supergirl has ever done. And they cast Floriana Lima into a Latina role.

Amy Jackson has made a career of doing brown face and thinking it’s ok. It’s not. It’s extremely racist. She’s done things to make herself look more Indian. An actress with this mentality, doesn’t coincide with the ideals and principles of Supergirl.

And this last sentence isn’t about my ship, it’s my care for my favorite actor, Chris Wood. I don’t want him associated with a person like Amy Jackson. She is the polar opposite of all he’s said he stands for. This is not me protecting Karamel, it’s me protecting him.

I feel the writers need a wake up call. Do your research before you cast someone. Make sure they flow with the principals of the show and that the actress/actor understands them. End of story.

Sarah: I wish I could say I was surprised, but Supergirl sadly has established their casting department is diversity blind and it’s hurting their freaking show. Amy Jackson has made a career of flying under a diverse flag she has no right to wield in Bollywood, and now she’s getting away with it as Saturn Girl. I have no issues with the character, but I have a sticking point with her so for the love of God DO BETTER WRITERS! I mean really you can find it in you to use Nazis as a plot line, but not cast diversity when it’s people they deemed too “different, unsure all the BS” they subjugated?

Funmbi: I’m not sure what to think about Amy Jackson’s casting. I 100% agree with the other contributors that building a career around impersonating women of color is never a good look. It is quite interesting to see that Bollywood is dealing with these same issues that are deeply problematic in Hollywood. However, I do want to reserve my judgement about Amy Jackson in this role of Imra/Saturn Girl. Time will tell if Imra is supposed to be a woman of color and I will have more to say then.

The episode ended with the end of Sam and the beginning of Reign. What do you think will bring back Sam? What’s Reign’s endgame? Was her finding that random place in the desert believable?

Alyssa: I have to admit that I’ve been really impressed with how Supergirl has handled Reign’s introduction because it wasn’t in the way that I expected. We knew from the get-go that Sam/Reign was going to become the big bad. But I love how we’re getting to see Sam grow into the villain. It’s a great example of how evil isn’t born, it’s created. Then there’s the whole aspect of making redemption possible. I want to believe that Reign can be redeemed — and that rests with Sam’s daughter, Ruby. I’m hoping that Supergirl isn’t content with simply making Reign the villain but instead also making it clear that she can be redeemed. After all, Reign was turned into a World Killer. It wasn’t something she chose. Just like Sam didn’t choose to become Reign. But if you believe in something so deeply — like Sam believes in her love for her daughter — then you can be pulled back from the edge.

Lizzie: This is the CW, so of course finding that random place was not believable, and Sam’s whole journey so far has been predictable AF, but the fact that she has Ruby makes me think – hope – that there’s maybe a possibility of redemption? I find myself wanting that more than I expected.

As for her endgame, that’s obvious – dead Kara. If that isn’t what the Legion is here for, then …no, yeah, that’s obviously what they’re here for.

Lyra: Let me be honest with you. I really like Sam. I think she’s the cat’s pajamas and I really like her dynamic with Lena. So I’m angry that she’s going evil. I know I shouldn’t have invested time in her but I dig strong and powerful women. IT’S MY ONE WEAKNESS! That being said…her finding that place in the desert was kind of weak. Yes, let’s follow the glowy light thing to where I’m supposed to go! *eyeroll* As for her return, the love for her daughter will bring her back. Guarantee it. Place your bets now, people!

Lacey: I was so shocked when she was “awoken”…not! LOL For real though, it’s going to be interesting to see how they tackle her transformation and still having Ruby. I think Ruby will play a part in bringing Sam back if that even happens, I don’t know. We all knew that Sam/Reign was the big bad for this season so I’m not sure where the writers are going to go with this but it should be interesting to see.

Kayla: I have no clue what will bring back Sam, but it might be Ruby. Her daughter. Like Alex is Kara’s humanity, Ruby is Sam’s.

Finding that place in the desert wasn’t realistic. What led her to that spot? No, not believable.

Reign’s endgame is to be killed by Kara/Mon-El/the Legion. It will take this team up to do so. If Reign kills Kara, Mon-El (and I say him because I truly believe he’s back to stop Kara from dying – why they gave him a wife in this plot is just extra stuff that could’ve been done without) needs a backup plan to bring Kara back. It’s her show, she can’t truly die.

So, yeah I find this episode to be poorly written in many parts, not just the Reign stuff. It’s like they don’t know their characters or something.

Sarah: I found myself more invested in Sam, than I thought I would honestly so when Reign came onboard it was a “NO NO NO BRING SAM BACK” moment. I will give kudos, they’ve done a great job with Sam/Reign’s story so far, and the one thing or rather person that could bring her back is Ruby her daughter.

Reign’s endgame is as glaringly obvious, as Sam “believably” finding that place in the desert. Talk about eye roll worthy for the latter. Reign’s mission will deal primarily with striking Kara down I imagine, and she won’t succeed, but how this will play out I’m quite interested to see.

Funmbi: First, Sam’s adopted Mom is not a nice lady. Second, the guide in Sam’s/Reign’s fortress isn’t very nice either. They both essentially call Ruby a mistake that has driven Sam/Reign away from her destiny. I reject that out of hand! I’m shocked to learn that Sam/Reign is Kryptonian, but what does it mean that she’s a Worldkiller? Now that she’s “activated” will she unleash that world-killing on National City? I’m sorry friends, I have way more questions than answers on this one. Perhaps Kara and Alex (maybe Lena, too) will be in a place to help Sam reclaim her humanity. Ruby will certainly be a part of that.

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