‘Black Lightning’ 1×04 Review: Black Jesus

So, this week, Black Lightning continued to coast on it’s successful run. We got more background on Tobias, the emergence of Thunder and ThunderGrace, and the night wouldn’t have been official without some Jeff/Lynn angst.

The Stuff Villains are Made Of

So, it’s no secret that I haven’t been feeling Tobias as a villain. He seems weak and unnecessarily ruthless for my tastes, but his conversation with Lady Eve made me able to tolerate him a little more- well, just a fraction more. He isn’t self made; Lady Even made him. It’s no wonder he spends his time being more of a bully than a boss- he’s afraid of his boss and what she’ll do if he can’t produce results. He also needed his little sister to plant the seeds of his trap for Black Lightning- can he do anything on his own? I’m so glad there’s a Lady pulling his strings.

The Coming of Thunder/ThunderGrace

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Anissa’s anger at the status quo was on full display at family dinner night. Her verbal sparring with the inspector highlighted her increasing resentment towards the piss poor job the police are doing to protect Freeland.  Sticking up for Black Lightning was also her way of justifying her next move which was to whoop some ass. And who better to whoop than the guy who called her bitch earlier that day. Jefferson was beaming with pride when Anissa ranted about him saving lives- I think I even saw him puff up a little at Lynn because their daughter seemed to agree with him. I wonder if she’ll still feel that way when she finds out it’s her dad risking his life.

In addition to Thunder coming into her own, ThunderGrace also made a huge splash. The growing connection between Anissa and Grace is building at a good speed and now that Anissa has someone she feels she can open up to, how long will it be before she reveals her secret. Grace’s hesitation about making bad people pay for wrong doing makes me wonder if she’ll be able to accept Anissa’s need to be a hero.

The Slow Burn

I have a feeling that this is gonna be a trope in my reviews because it just has to be said. Jeff and Lynn’s drama is simultaneously maddening and heartbreaking. She knows Jefferson has to be Black Lightning, and she is okay with him donning the suit for the girls, but no one else? He can’t bear the weight of those choices alone and that’s evident by his constant need for her comfort. His phone call to her about Khalil and Lawanda was so sad because she just cut him off. She apologized for it later, but it was still a cold move knowing how much guilt he was feeling.

Even though they are killing me with this push and pull, I am rooting for them. A beautiful black family struggling to remain a strong unit is winner in my book.

Just a Few of My Meandering Thoughts:

  • Why is Gambi hiding that he’s tracking another meta human? Does he suspect it’s one of the girls already because of genetics or something he noticed early on?
  • The Vice Principal is so thirsty for Jeff. Girl, stop.
  • Tobias is so lame with his “I got warrants” excuse. He is a crime boss or so he claims. *Eye roll- really hard
  • Was Lady Eve embalming someone dead or alive? I’m just asking for a friend.
  • Is Jennifer about to tap into her powers? Missing family dinner and quitting the track team seem like teenage hormonal moves, but coupled with extreme fear and anger just might bring the Lightning.
  • Why did Two Bits look like a fake ass Two Chainz? And he asked for a selfie!

What did you think of Black Jesus?

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays at 8pmCentral/9pmEastern on the CW.

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