‘Blindspot’ 3×13 Review: “Warning Shot”

Hellatus is over! Blindspot returned with “Warning Shot,” an episode that has taken the characters out of their comfort zone, leaving them somewhat confused in an environment in which they aren’t accustomed to being.  Also, an old friend has paid a visit to the team and, as always, some secrets have finally been discovered and others are about to be. There is much to comment!

Here we go!


In this episode an old acquaintance is back … Nas! Outside of her romantic relationship with Kurt, this  ischaracter I like a lot, it has been a pleasure to have her back.

Nas has brought them a case, a very dangerous technological virus has been stolen and they had to recover it as soon as possible. The team starts the investigation, which takes them to an NSA girl who has stolen the virus and was planning to sell it. Ritch then goes into action and pretends to be the buyer.

BLINDSPOT — “Warning Shot” Episode 313 — Pictured: Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

He stays with the girl at a party that he was eager to go. Once there, some old enemies appear to buy the virus. Nas pretends to be the saleswoman, but soon they discover her. In the end, it is Jane who manages to recover the virus and takes it to the FBI … only to discover that Nas has taken it as a way to return to the NSA.

It has been a case that finally moves away from the bombs and the impending attacks on New York. It has also allowed other characters to shine, like Ritch and Nas herself. The episode also had good rhythm and has managed to keep us in tension, while still making it fun.



Jane has suffered in this episode, because of her daughter. She wants to get close to her but doesn’t know how and it’s shattered that Avery chose Kurt over her. When she saw how that teenager treated his father in the interrogation room, it was impossible for her not to imagine herself in a place like that with Avery,  since she has as much anger as that boy. After all, there are many issues to be resolved between them …

She asks Nas for help … Shepherd took her away from Avery, if it were not for her things would not be like that. But Nas tells Jane the truth. Shepherd only wanted to manipulate her and to do so, she prevented Jane from having any relationship outside of what she could control. And Nas is absolutely right. She did the same with Roman.

BLINDSPOT — “Warning Shot” Episode 313 — Pictured: Archie Panjabi as Nas — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

But it is Ritch who makes her realize the solution: only she can do something to change the situation with Avery. Jane must step forward and do it. She goes to meet her daughter and starts talking to her. Not everything is solved but it is a beginning … and finally, the knot that Jane had in her throat begins to undo.


I love this man! He always gets what he wants, even going to a party that he had been forbidden to go … and not die trying.

In this episode Ritch has been one of the protagonists, and I’d like to have him on board every time. Even when it has to do with several of his former enemies, his mood never changes.

But aside from humor and jokes, the most interesting thing about this character is how close he is to the team. For him they are his family, especially Jane and Kurt. He has again given Jane valuable advice: she should talk to her daughter. She is the adult, she is the one who must take the first step and overcome her fear. Both are scared and neither knows how to approach the other … but it is up to the adult to pick up the phone and call. Approach and try to establish a relationship.

This character is wonderful!


It shows that we are preparing for something important to happen when it comes to Zapata. She knew that Nas was working for the CIA, but not only did she not say it, but she refused to let anyone else know. Why? It is clear that Nas knows several secrets about what Tasha has been doing with the CIA, among them, the intriguing secret that the dragonfly tattoo will discover.

It seems that this is his code name: “dragonfly” and it must be something serious, because Nas has told Zapata that she must be prepared to lose her friends. Do you have any theory? I think it has to do with Patterson. And I say this because I was struck by Nas asking Tasha if specifically Patterson had found out. Nas didn’t mention the rest of the team, only Patterson. Also, when Nas said that, Zapata looked down with embarrassment … and guilt. And that’s why I think that Tasha’s secret has to do with Patterson or affects her in a special way.

BLINDSPOT — “Warning Shot” Episode 313 — Pictured: (l-r) Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

In this show nothing is by chance and if this secret has been named, very soon we will face whatever Tasha and Keaton are hiding.

In addition to this, I also want to talk about Tasha’s attitude towards Reade and Megan. Every time she talks to them she does it in a very animated way … maybe too much. Because that only hides that seeing them so well destroys her. She only shows her true feelings when no one is looking at her, when she doesn’t feel compelled to pretend that what is happening is not killing her.

Zapata has tied things together and has learned that Reade’s meeting with the agent of the state department had to do with Megan and her illegal situation in the country – we finally discovered the mystery – but she is worried. Tasha knows that Reade is putting his career and his whole life is at risk. Tasha always gives everything for the people she loves, especially Reade, knowing that he is risking so much, playing everything on a card … it’s something she can’t stand and she needs to know that he’s going to be fine.


I have to say that the story about Megan has surprised me and in this episode I have felt a little better. She doesn’t seem like a bad person … it’s just that it’s not the right one for Reade.

He has risked a lot asking for the favor from the state department agent, but it is understandable, he wanted to help Megan. She is his girlfriend and he loves her … although he is not really in love with her.

But it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room: Reade has asked Megan to marry him. It was very nice. Everything is so precious … but also unreal. Megan is a good person, but loving her was the easiest option for Reade. Tasha had rejected him and left the FBI.

BLINDSPOT — “Two Legendary Chums” Episode 312 — Pictured: (l-r) Rob Brown as Edgar Reade, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros.)

Reade felt rejected, abandoned and hurt … risking his heart again was something he didn’t seem capable of doing. It was too complicated and difficult for him to get back into the line of fire. Forgetting those feelings – and opening up to new ones – was the easiest thing to do.

And that it’s the easiest, that it seems to be perfect … makes it fake, in a way. Love hurts, it’s about risking suffering. True love stories are hard, painful and complicated but, at the same time, loving that person is as easy as breathing. That’s what Reade feels for Tasha, not for Megan.

When we discovered Megan I told you that it was significant that she didn’t know anyone from the Reade environment. I still think the same. Nothing has changed, Megan only knows Tasha and it was by chance, but Reade hasn’t introduced her to the rest of the team. Megan is not part of an essential part of Reade’s life and that is not by chance.

What has happened between Megan and Reade has been almost like a dream, a fairy tale … but it will soon crack. Do you agree?


Our favorite couple advances at a slow but steady pace. They have not kissed yet but they have done something more important: they have supported each other. Jane has opened to Kurt and told him how she felt about Avery, how worried she was and Kurt has just been there, at her side. He has grabbed her hand and held it, showing her that she wasn’t alone.

Later, when Avery has called Weller before Jane, he has also been by her side, encouraging her to go with him and talk to her daughter. Kurt has always been there, he knows he has to give Jane time, but also that she must be aware that she isn’t alone and has someone to lean on and someone to vent to.

BLINDSPOT — “Warning Shot” Episode 313 — Pictured: (l-r) Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

There have been just a few small details, but they are vital for the reconstruction of their relationship. As Kurt told Nas, they aren’t quite right but they will get there.

By the way, speaking of Nas, I have noticed how Jane looked at her when she appeared. She can’t forget that Nas and Kurt were together … and I understand her, it’s normal that she doesn’t like having her husband’s ex-girlfriend so close. Although there is nothing between them. In fact, now that there is no romantic element, I have loved the talks between Kurt and Nas, like two old friends.

Although the last one has been the most important … Avery hides something and Nas has discovered it…what can be ?. Whatever it is, it will be a hard blow for Jane and also for Jeller.


On this occasion Roman has experienced something he isn’t used to: to be in the rear without having control. He has had to see how the woman he is in love with – because that is what he feels and the people around him have already realized – flirted with another and carried out a plan alone. Jealousy was burning him inside, so much so that the mask of indifference that he always carries has been shattered and his enemies have noticed.

I could feel the tension and anger that radiated from where Roman was sitting. And I think he felt that way for several things. On the one hand, because of the jealousy he feels when he sees Blake flirting with others. And on the other, for feeling that same jealousy.

BLINDSPOT — “Warning Shot” Episode 313 — Pictured: Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

Roman is not used to having his feelings get in the way of his goal. He isn’t used to feeling that he isn’t in control of. And that is just what he feels now. His feelings are getting in the way. Everything seemed easy, to approach Blake, cheat and kill his father but Blake has become very important to him and that makes him angry because if what it means.

Roman is being carried away … the lines that were previously clear are no longer so. And it shows at every step. Blake is changing him and he knows it. In fact, that change shows at the beginning of the episode. Roman was looking at the file on the equipment that Crawford gave him. It’s not easy for him … and that’s important.

BLINDSPOT — “Warning Shot” Episode 313 — Pictured: (l-r) Tori Anderson as Blake, Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

Before it would have been simple, after all, hurting Jane is also his goal but now it’s … different. Roman was looking at the file with a disturbance and a nostalgia that previously would have been unthinkable. There is something different in Roman and it has a name: Blake Crawford.

Roman hadn’t planned that, had not planned to fall in love with her. And I think that until this episode, he hadn’t realized how much his feelings for Blake had grown.

I think Blake is good for Roman in every way … will he let her get close enough for him to realize it?


In conclusion, this was an episode that continues at the level of the previous ones, it seems that the small problem of writing of past episodes has been completely corrected and we have been able to enjoy the characters outside of their habitual positions, exploring new horizons with them. At the same time, action and humor have always been present.

I can’t wait to see how this story continues!

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with episode 3 × 14 “Everlasting.” And here’s the promo for the next episode.


Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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