‘Vida’ 1×03 Review: Setting the Standard for the Female Form on TV

Starz “Vida” delivered the hottest lesbian sex scene I’ve ever seen (let’s get that out there first) in its 3rd episode, made it clear that Lyn needs a stern wake up call where she understands it’s time to stop depending on others and grow up, and the beginnings of change for the women left raw by Vidalia’s death.

Let’s dive right in!

Breast Here, Breast There, Breast Everywhere

I have never seen a more carnal sex scene between two women. (And I’m not just talking great sex with boobs well, alive, and free. I’m talking about rough, in control, completely unapologetic fucking through the female AND QUEER gaze.) I was under the impression that this was something only heterosexual relationships were afforded because, “Ohhhhh the big bad gays are scary and no one wants to see that.”


I can have this.

And I feel like a broken record when I say that Vida is paving the way for the future. This particular future is queer AF with content geared towards a community that has been wildly underrepresented and *gasp* been living normal lives like everyone else. It’s full of women fucking each other and taking what they want (with consent of course) and women who can expensive deep and emotional pain in a bathtub while being naked without it being sexual.

Vida has set the standard, for me personally, on how we should film, view, and represent the female form on TV. From here on out I’m going to look for the same respect, honesty, and beauty Vida has given me.

Lyn Needs to Grow the Hell Up

I love that Lyn isn’t perfect. Let’s start off with that first. We don’t see those characters enough, especially female ones that happen to be Latinx. We’re a rare species that many thought weren’t real. Keeping that all in mind I’m going to treat Lyn like I would any other character rushing through her life like a bull in a china shop.

Lyn needs to grow up.

She’s living her life like there are no consequences, aftershocks, or repercussions for what she does. She fucks around, sleeps around, and runs around. It’s as if she’s running away from her life, adulthood, and her family. And coming home, it’s the biggest shock to her system because she can’t run away.

Lyn doesn’t have the boyfriend with the credit card to keep her afloat or keep her distant from her responsibilities or home life with her mami. She doesn’t have the ex-boyfriend to distract her from her mother’s death and responsibility that is knocking on her door. The easy times are over and adulthood is going to punch her in the face.

She better be ready. And she better not use that credit card she snatched out of the mail.

Eddy’s Changing World

Vidalias presence is gone from their home, their bed, and their bar. Without her life feels bare, like they’re drowning. It feels raw. And Eddy is barely holding on. Because not only did they lose their wife, they gained two strangers who didn’t know the woman they loved.

Emma and Lyn are two strangers who up till this episode didn’t care for Eddy or the pain they were going through. They were just a stranger that their mom was married to. This episode we saw that barrier between them start to crumble as they stood up for Eddy at the bar. Vidalia might be gone and the bar might crumble under their feet, but these two women standing up for Eddy is a sign of what’s to come for this disconnected and crumbling family.

I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Vida airs Sundays at 8:30 p.m. on Starz.


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