Princess Margaret Has Been Cast in ‘The Crown’

Our addiction to The Crown runs deep. It’s one of those shows that you know is so good, so captivating in the best way, and you know that it only has the potential to get better.

Because it always gets better.

We know that the third season has a time jump, which means a new cast. Olivia Colman has been confirmed as Queen Elizabeth II, and Outlander’s Tobias Menzies is replacing Matt Smith as Prince Philip. But we also need more of the royal family and that means Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and other members.

And we know who will be playing Princess Anne.

British actress Erin Doherty has been confirmed to star in the role.

If you are wondering who Erin Doherty is – so are we. But a careful look at her IMDB page tells us that she hasn’t had many roles. We’ve never heard of Call the Midwife and she’s got a small role in Les Miserables (you know the one starring people such as Lily Collins and Olivia Colman – the woman set to play her Mama in The Crown).

Other cast members are Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, Jason Watkins as former UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson, Josh O’Connor as Prince Chares and Ben Daniels as Lord Snowdon.

The Crown starts filming this July. The season is set to release in 2019, but as to when? Who knows. But when it does, we’ll be ready.

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