‘Queerly Not Straight’: 7 Times Lucy Liu Made Me Cry During ‘Set It Up’

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There are some moments in life that stick with you forever. That resonate through time and space and make you want to ugly cry because you hope and pray that other’s are experiencing this vision. That’s the case with Lucy Liu in Netflix’s new romantic comedy Set It Up. She was a vision and I will not apologize for the way that my queer little heart wanted to jump through the screen and slow clap every time Kirsten came into the room. And if Twitter and Tumblr are any indication, I’m not alone in this love for Lucy and her red pants.

So without further ado, here are 7 times that Lucy Liu made me cry queer tears during Netflix’s Set It Up!

1. Red Pant Suit That Made Me Cry

After Kirsten spent the night with Rick she walked in in this beautiful red pant suit that made me want to follow her to the ends of the ends of the Earth. Now I need a spin off of Lucifer where Lucy plays Luci and is in various red outfits that make me tune in every week in rapt attention.

2. White Dress That Made Me Cry

You know that Kirsten was upstaging all those mama’s that made her feel like an outsider when she walked in looking like an absolute vision in this white dress. If the red pant suit made me want for Lucy Liu to play Lucifer then this white dress makes me want her to play the angel to her Lucifer. Yes, I want more Lucy Liu. Join us.

3. Pink Dress That Made Me Cry

Only Lucy Liu could pull off saying “cunty” while looking like a vision in pink. She’s got to be a witch or something. Maybe a sorcerer? There has to be an explanation for why I would sit there (instead of Harper) and let Kirsten apologize to me for being “cunty.” Keep going Kirsten. Tell me how you really feel. Or if Lucy just wants to chat between takes I’d totally be down. Bye Zoey Deutch.

4. Green Dress with White Stripe That Made Me Cry

From the moment I first laid eyes on Kirsten I knew she was going to be a beautiful pain in the ass. It was the power pose that really sold it. Also the bitching and over exaggeration of how hungry she was. The fact that it was late night and she still looked well put together, told me that she works 110% to get done what most of her competitors dream they could accomplish while still living in a world dominated by men and ready to put her down if she shows even one sign of weakness.

5. Red Dress with Leather That Made Me Cry

Look at this boss ass bitch telling man how it and that she was just giving him a heads up as a courtesy. Also look at how Harper is just staring in awe at her idol throwing it down and not afraid to rock the boat while looking like a boss ass bitch. Someone give me a tissue. I wanna a boss ass bitch like this when I grow up.

6. Blue with Black Stripe on Shoulder That Made Me Cry

Who has revelations while looking like she just rolled out of bed looking perfect after spending the previous night stuck in an elevator with a dude that panicked and got naked? Lucy Liu’s Kirsten. After a night like that I would be anxiety ridden and look like I had a fight with a stick and the stick won!

7. Black and Red Dress That Made Me Cry

Yes, Lucy. I mean, Kirsten. I will work for you again if I get to A) experience your glory every morning. B) Have access to your wardrobe. And C) Get to pitch my stories, whether they be about old athletes making their dreams come true or how dudes don’t really want a woman who likes sports, etc. As long as I get to be in your glorious presence, I’m good.

Did Lucy Liu make you cry during this movie? Have you previously been attacked by Lucy Liu’s beauty? Let us know in the comments section below!

P.S. If you haven’t watched this movie then get on it. Lucy Liu is waiting for you…

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