‘The Darkest Minds’ Movie Talk #15: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC 2018

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As we get closer and closer to the release of The Darkest Minds movie, our excitement continues to grow as one of our favorite books prepares to meet the world via the big screen.
The Darkest Minds is a story more relevant now than ever before as it deals with some serious issues and a corrupt government that feels more familiar than it should. But more than that, The Darkest Minds’ beating heart rests with the dynamic between our four core characters: Ruby, Liam, Chubs, and Zu. And getting to see those relationships and dynamics unfold on screen is the most exciting part of all!
The Darkest Minds is set to make an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this week, including a movie panel set for Saturday at 3pm. Amandla Stenberg, Harris Dickinson, Miya Cech, and Skylan Brooks will be in attendance along with author Alexandra Bracken and director Jennifer Yuh Nelson. So, naturally, we’ve got some questions. And we hope they have the answers. If not, we’ll see soon enough on August 3.

Here are five questions we want answered at San Diego Comic-Con 2018:

1. How will the movie be faithful to the book?

The biggest question is — Will the movie be faithful to the book? — to which the answers will surely be a resounding, “Yes.” Author Alexandra Bracken has said that the film is, in her book, a faithful adaptation. This is surely a question that fans will come to an answer once they see the film. But what we want to know is how is the movie faithful to the book? What are the elements that they made sure to include and focus on? How is the essence of the story in tact? How important are Ruby, Liam, Chubs, and Zu to the overall narrative? We’ll take anything and everything at this point. We want teases!

2. How will the changes improve the story?

With any book-to-film adaptation there are changes. It’s just common sense. That’s what happens when you’re transitioning from one medium to another, in this case from book to movie. There’s a difference in storytelling. What might take 15 pages to describe in a book might be a three-minute scene. It’s just a different interpretation of a story where the characters are the heart and soul. So, yes, there will be changes. Alexandra Bracken has told us as much, including Chubs being changed from a Blue to a Green and the way the Psi kids’ powers are shown as being used. But Bracken also said that these changes helped the story. So how? How do these two changes, and others, add to the film?

3. Is the focus of the film centered around our core four?

This is probably my biggest focal point heading into this movie. The reason that these books have touched so many people is because of the characters. Namely, Ruby, Liam, Chubs, and Zu. So the biggest thing that this movie has to get right is putting these characters at the forefront and letting their dynamics guide the story. Yes, the world they live in is dark and the government corrupt. But it’s through these characters that we find a sense of levity and hope that maybe things can change. The Black/Blue Betty gang are a family, and they’re the reason we love this story as much as we do.

4. Will Alexandra Bracken make a cameo in the film?

It’s become a common trend in YA book-to-movie adaptations for the author of said book to make a quick cameo on the big/small screen. Usually, it’s quick. But usually, it’s noticeable, for fans of said author. There aren’t a lot of adults featured in The Darkest Minds, which will certainly make it more difficult for author Alexandra Bracken to make a cameo. But Bracken was on set, which doesn’t necessarily make it an impossibility. Though I doubt they’d reveal something like a cameo during the panel. We might just have to wait and see.

5, Will the book ending remain the same in the film?

Without getting into spoiler territory, the ending of The Darkest Minds is integral to setting up the next book, Never Fade. And, not going to lie, it’s a cliffhanger. A big one. One that was downright agonizing to sit through until the second book. Sometimes there might be this desire to have closure in a film, given that it’s not a guarantee that the next one will be made. The first one has to make sufficient money for that to happen. But even if this is the only installment, it’s important that the ending remain the same. Because it’s a reminder that, yes, there are beautiful moments in life, but there are also some moments that hurt like hell.
The Darkest Minds movie will appear at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday at 3pm in Room 25ABC.

The Darkest Minds hits theaters on Friday, Aug. 3.

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