‘New Amsterdam’ Is Getting A Full Season!

I know I’ve been gushing about this show for the past three weeks, but it’s all worth it because NBC has ordered a full season of New Amsterdam. That means more Helen Sharpe chemistry moments with Max Goodwin while I pretend to root for his marriage. And, it means so much more Kapoor and Frome bromancing! I could not be happier about this news!

Fall’s First Graduate

New Amsterdam is the first of, hopefully many, the new shows to get a back nine order giving us a full twenty-two episode season. I’m so happy for the cast and crew behind this excellent medical show (I refrain from saying drama because it’s not really one). Thanks to consistent ratings and mostly positive reviews, NBC is giving us more Ryan Eggold, Freema Agyeman, and Jocko Sims.


My Hopes and Dreams

So, what do I hope might come out of these added episodes? What wishes and dreams do I hold dear for my series? First, I am going to need Max and Helen together, somehow. I can’t resist their chemistry so I don’t know how either of them are. Maybe the wife just goes to Connecticut and leaves the baby with Max. I don’t know but I definitely need this resolved.

I am also ready for a lot more Frome and Kapoor team ups. Karome is the bromance I didn’t know I needed, but I really need it now. These two play off of each other so well and the show is already on course for what I want. I just can’t handle it if they break this duo up for any reason. Also, Kapoor’s son really needs to call him back because that’s breaking my heart too.

I’m still not fully on board with Dr. Reynolds’ and Dr. Bloom’s romance potential but maybe with more time, I’ll warm up. Dr. Reynolds is just so much more mature then Bloom and I felt like they were being forced on me from day one. Hopefully with more time, I’ll get a slow burn with these two and make it a ship I believe in. As long as Jocko Sims is on TV, I’m good though.

Don’t miss New Amsterdam on NBC, Tuesdays at 10/9c.

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